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How do they clean objects from a 3D printer?

I know that sandpaper can be used but I am talking about really detailed sculptures or toys

Do you they mold and cast in wax?

Is the process more industrial?


I know that 3D printing is only for prototypes but companies still need a perfect prototype for the factory to make the mold of. I want to know how they clean the model that was printed out.. like how did they get rid of the lines and fuzziness.

I don't believe a heat gun can polish the resin.

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  • Magy
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    7 years ago
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    sometimes is used heatgun for melt thin surface layer for short time and make "perfect" gloss surface. finishing is matter about polishing, i think. but 3d printer is used only for making models of intended products, not for production. it would be too expensive.

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