Do I have any chances of getting into UVA or W&M?

I'm a sophomore and currently live in Virginia and my parents want me to either go to UVA or William and Mary. I feel like I'm not smart enough compared to the other Asians in the area and I'm kinda worried about getting into college. So far, William and Mary has been sending me college e-mails, so I'm assuming my PSAT scores where ok. I don't really think anyone can judge if I have a chance of getting in, but it's worth a shot.

Last year, I took all honors for my core classes and chose drama 1 as my extra class. I got all As and one A- last year. My weighted GPA for freshman year is 4.17 and my non-weighted is 3.95.

This year I'm taking all honors classes and one AP. My GPA so far for 2 quarters is 3.77 non-weighted and is 4.12 weighted.

For extra curricular:

-Fencing for about 4-5 years, been to Junior Olympics twice, Nationals twice and one North American Cup. I'm trying to get a rating this year

-Piano for about 6 years, played in the Guild for 3 years and earned 2 silver pins and 1 gold pin, Dorthy Sutton for 2 years, teaching my friend piano

-Key Club

-Started Anime/Manga Club at my school

-Forensics Club (Speech team), made it to regionals

-I make costumes/sew clothing, and I'm planning to start entering costume contests at the conventions I go to

I'm planning to run for student council this year, try out for the cultural fest, start to volunteer more and try and find an internship for this summer.

I feel like I need more extracurricluars but I don't have any time for them. I actually want to be a fashion designer/major, but I know it's a risky move so I'm going into business. Any suggestions on what I can do more off and do you think I could make it in?

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    You have more than enough ECs. Do not add any time-suck activities. And I assure you that Admissions people can recognize resume-padding.

    You can look up your chances for either of these schools by using or cappex. com. There are other free services and they all are pretty accurate for in-state general admission.

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    Your document is just right sufficient that you've a greater than even risk to get into at least this sort of colleges. Be certain to say that your mother or father was a graduate on the right purposes. Point out their year of graduation and also their identify. Ensure to make use of the identical identify on your mother that she used when she graduated. Also, try to take some AP guides if they're offered and, if they aren't, provide an explanation for in your essay that your university was too small to present any.

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    Or you can try

    However, I highly doubt that you won't be accepted. Your gpa is like flawless. I got accepted to UVA out-of-state and my gpa is only a 3.5 and I'm not even going there.

    As for extracurriculars, I had a total of like five.

    -Spanish club




    -Cross country

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