Are Native American Indians Exempt From U.S. (Or State) Gun Control Laws ?

Since they are "Supposedly" a sovereign nation within the borders of the United States. And IF they are exempt, who is to protect the rest of us "Disarmed" citizens from an Indian Uprising that may occur in an attempt to reclaim their territory?


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That was/IS a legitimate question. If you lived next to a Res, you would wonder too. They may be a "Sovereign" nation, but the roads are plowed by the County, The children ride Public School buses, they use Public emergency services such as fire and ems, County and State police patrol the area.

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    7 years ago
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    "they are "Supposedly" a sovereign nation within the borders of the United States"

    really? Did the guy who sold you the Brooklyn Bridge tell you that?


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  • 7 years ago

    We are subject to Federal gun laws, not state. And we are sovereign nations, with our own government. This is OUR homeland after all.

    As far as "reclaiming our territory"? We are already doing that. Peacefully, in the courts. And winning.

    In any case.....who is going to protect you? We will. Native Americans are the largest ethnic group (per capita) in the US Armed Forces. (nearly 7%)

    Source(s): Navajo
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  • 3 years ago

    Us Natives are not a savage crew who use actual stress for adverse take-overs. We strive against cutting-aspect fights, the way civilized, cutting-aspect human beings do. contained in the courts. And we continually win. we are reclaiming our lands a piece at a time. without violence or guns. we do not use the underhanded procedures that the U. S. and Canadian governments are commonly used for. Regardless, at the same time as community countries are sovereign, and may celebrate with a u . s . to u . s . authorities courting with the well known federal governments human beings and Canada, federal guidelines note on Reserve/Reservation lands.

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