Why you hate illegal immigrants when your ancestors were also illegal immigrants?

I heard some people calling "illegal immigrants" criminals, terrorist and a holocaust on American people. Furthermore, I heard some calling them immoral, robbers, usurpers of resources, and that they don't integrate to the Anglo/English speaking society. Give me a freaking break!!! I guess historical amnesia is a beneficiary to American Anglo society. All I see nowadays is exploitation and marginalization of immigrants in the hands of American white society that used "othering" to alienated those who came after them as unworthy to the American way of life. The majority has always done this to the minorities that built this nation. African-Americans, Italians, Irish all suffered such discrimination. The true hardworking class, "the slave labor" type has been done in the backs of immigrants and blacks, especially those who are seeing as different by the majority.

History has shown us that it was those immigrants who came in the Mayflower who started a holocaust and terrorist attack on the native peoples of this continent. These English speaking settlers main goal was ethnic cleansing, genocide through Indigenous removal and obliteration of native people's food supply. And you call your forefathers, moral, God-fearing and law abiding people who came here make a honest living, give me another break hypocrites! and Don't say that you weren't responsible for all this, if you weren't then you are the anchor-babies left behind from these criminals. Even your other white ancestors came later after the natives were murdered, you are still reaping from the criminal acts of your brethren committed in the past.

Learn some real history you criminals! American history teaches that the Spanish were brutal killers and rapist, yes it's true they were but as much as the Anglo, when it was the Spanish that first conducted the largest programs of racial mixing in order to bring for equality among the masses. The Spanish also conducted the largest health campaign called the Balmis Expedition. The Balmis Expedition left Spain to take smallpox vaccine to all the corners of their empire to every Native possible; therefore, insuring that our Indian ancestors to survive. The English or the Americans never did this. In fact they kept removing Indians into reservations that were unproductive, where the goal was for them to died.

Really millions died, yet US history books promoted that Americans were tolerant and good to the Indians. If you see a map of north and South America, the regions with highest percentages of Indians/indigenous people occur in lands that belong to Spain the longest, such as the American Southwest, Florida, Latin America etc. BUT any where the Anglo set foot entire populations parish such as in the English parts of the United States and Canada. Then you also had genocide in Australia and New Zealand and other parts of the World were the English people settled.

You guys and your ancestors, are no different than today's immigrants. Unless you a true Native American, than this land belongs to you. Sorry 1/18 native won't count, or just saying you are Indian when your entire life you been view by other whites as "white" and when you look in the mirror you see a "white person". You are the immoral, criminals, anchor babies, land robbers and usurpers of resources, but when a white person does such things, is a God given moral duty!!! Talk about integration, your ancestors came here and never did learn a native indigenous tongue, even after getting help from Indians. The Indians turned their back, you literally stabbed them and took their land. Way to go righteous white people!!!

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  • Lane
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    8 years ago
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    Actually, I spent many years representing them in immigration court pro bono. I've probably arranged for more illegal immigrants to be able to stay here than a trafficker.

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  • 8 years ago

    I don't hate illegal immigrants. Mexican immigrants moved in the apartment building across mine and even though there was a language barrier they tried to speak to me and make friends. They are genuinely nice people and the man even brought a huge watermelon to me from the fields he worked in free of charge. The thing is that we have an unstable economy, our people, Americans need jobs and immigrants take these jobs and a lot of them do not call themselves Americans and only have a desire to come here and make money and then go back to Mexico. I have seen this plenty of times. They come here and work, send money to their families back home, and then leave. Yes, our ancestors were all immigrants, but everyone cannot come in!

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  • Maxi
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    8 years ago

    Thank goodness I am not American and my ancestry are not made up of immigrants, legal or illegal.................

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