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how does a pixie stick unclog ur nose?

a guy named jay said a pixie stick can unclog ur nose?????

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    Your friend Jay is vey correct. But theres steps to do it correctly. First off, it has to be a light blue color or else you'll just get a nose bleed. Second, after you unwrap it, pour it into to equal parts on a table. Then, plug one side of your nose and snort one half of the dust. Do the same for the other half. Then you have to eat the paper from the pixie stick. If you don't do it just like that, then it won't work.

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  • well, to me a guy named jay sounds uneducated, pixie sticks are candy, not allergy medicine! sticking one up your nose PROBABLY would make you sneeze (the wrapper tickles the inside) and would make you look silly :)

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