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Essay Prompt: What Issue of local, national, or international significance concerns you and why?

With its enormous natural resources deposit, the people of Africa remain one of the poorest in the world. The resources of most nations are mismanaged to the point that the local populace suffers hardship. For example, my country, Nigeria, is an oil exporting nation and a member of OPEC. Nigeria contributes to about 10% of Shell's global oil production and is home to some of its most promising reserves, yet the country is completely in poverty due to corruption. Corruption is on a pandemic scale in Africa especially in Nigeria; hence, people are denied basic services such as water, medical care, and electricity except if you pay a bribe.

In most public hospitals in Nigeria, patients have to put some money in the doctor's consultation book before they are attended to. For example, in March 2011, my elder sister needed immediate medical attention and was rushed to a hospital in Nigeria, before my family was able to raise the money the doctors requested as a bribe before they would even look at my sister, she was already dead. All the crying and begging by my family did not touch the hearts of the doctors and nurses at the hospital, and they refused to treat my sister until she died, and there was nothing we can do about it.

Suing the hospital in court would be a waste of our meager resources since they could easily bribe their way through the judges; therefore, we resorted to using the little we had to take care of the four years old daughter my sister left behind. A lot of families in Nigeria have had similar experiences. I am very concerned because I believe that this is not a good way for a country to operate. Something has to be done about corruption in Nigeria. My sister’s death strengthened my ambition to become a doctor. The primary duty of a doctor is to save lives not to take bribe before saving lives, and I want to help make a positive change, be model of what a doctor should be and help make other doctors in my native land do the same.

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