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How long does a PFC in the army stay that rank after being demoted?

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    Based off regulations you must start over and meet the TIG requirements once of again for SPC which is 6 months TIG because I doubt you would get a waiver but your first line or 1SG can still deny your automatic promotion based on performance. Don't let the demotion get you down, pick yourself up learn from your dumb mistake and drive on.

    c. Eligibility criteria for automatic promotion to PV2, PFC, and SPC will be as follows:

    (1) The promotion to PV2 requirement is 6 months TIS.

    (2) The promotion to PFC requirements are 12 months TIS and 4 months TIMIG.

    (3) The promotion to SPC requirements are 24 months TIS and 6 months TIMIG.

    (4) Soldiers must not be flagged or barred from reenlistment.

    (5) Any Soldier reduced must be fully qualified (without waiver) for promotion to the next higher grade.

    d. If a unit CDR elects not to recommend a Soldier for promotion on the automatic promotion date, then a DA Form

    4187 denying the promotion will be submitted not later than the 20th day of the month preceeding the month of

    automatic promotion.

    e. The DA Form 4187 denying the promotion (in lieu of DA Form 268 will be used by the BN HR to initiate a

    FLAG transaction using code PA as the initial and reason code and input the transaction into the automated system.

    This will stop an automatic promotion. The FLAG must be closed using FLAG code PE not later than the second

    working day following the date the Soldier would have been automatically promoted.

    f. Soldiers flagged or barred from reenlistment at the required time for automatic promotion but later recommended

    require a DA Form 4187 and a GRCH transaction to be promoted.

    g. Soldiers promoted prior to or after the automatic promotion date

    Source(s): MSG Army and 600-8-19
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    Uh, they don't. When one is demoted they are instantly stripped of rank. You don't keep it for awhile. Or do you mean how long does one stay at the rank they were demoted to? As soon as the promotion flag that went along with the demotion is over then it is up to the company commander. You could be instantly promoted back to the next higher rank (not necessarily back to the rank you had before promotion, unless you only got demoted one pay grade), since you would obviously already meet the time in service/time in grade requirements. Say you were an E-3 demoted to E-1. The day the flag is lifted then you could get promoted to E-2. Then as soon as you met the TIG requirement for E-3 you could get it back. The TIS requirement to get promoted to E-2 is 6 months, or 4 with a waiver. If you were already an E-3 you probably already have at least 12 months TIS. So it could be done right then. It wouldn't be though. Because if you did something heinous enough to get demoted why would the commander be chomping at the bit to promote you again?

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    Could be as little as 3 months with a waiver (which, being that you were demoted, will not be approved) up until total time in service of 8 years, at which point you would reach RCP and be kicked out. Most likely, it will be 6 months, which is the regular TIG requirements to get SPC.

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    When I was in the Army, I never heard of anyone getting demoted in rank. Soldiers that messed up got chaptered out.

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    For as long as his/her CO wants. It is entirely the COs discretion.

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    for as long as the CO dictates it. once a flag is lifted, you still have to petition to get your paygrade back

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