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充電器及控制板信號異常 電池於插入狀態後重新啟動充電站AC電源

充電器保護功能啟動 電池於插入狀態後重新啟動充電站AC電源




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    Battery charging instructionsBattery into the charging station from top to bottom of battery charging socket (as Figure e), insert the battery you need to pay attention to the following considerations:Make sure to note when the battery is inserted the battery connector to the socket of the charging station has been fit and alignment.Do not misaligned in battery charging station outlets strongly down the batteries State of oppression.

    Battery over temperature condition: the photo when the battery temperature is greater than 45 degrees centigrade is not charging, until temperature drops below45 ° c can be charged to increase battery life.Charger abnormal status:Battery damage.Charger protection function starts, such as over temperature, over voltage protection, short circuit protection, and so on.

    Abnormal battery charger and dashboard signal to restart the charging station after plugged in AC power supply

    Battery charger protection function to restart the charging station after plugged in AC power supply

    AC input power voltage too low back make sure the AC power input is 220VAC

    Charging the battery internal temperature or ambient temperature is too high, can be carried out using an external fan-assisted cooling to accelerate battery cooling

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    Battery charging operation described

    The battery from top to bottom into the charging station battery charging socket (as shown E) in inserting the batteries need to be aware of the following considerations:

    The battery is inserted, should pay attention to make sure that the battery connector and the socket of the charging stations have been consistent and aligned.

    Not available in the battery charging stations socket misalignment battery vigorously down oppression.

    Battery over-temperature condition is not charging: When the battery internal temperature is greater than the camera 45 ° C until the temperature drops below

    45 ℃ after charging to increase battery life.

    Charger abnormal state:

    Damage to the battery.

    The charger protection function is activated, such as over-temperature protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection.

    Charger and control panel signals abnormal battery charging station, AC power to restart at the insertion of the state

    Charger protection function is activated battery to restart charging station at the insertion of the state AC power

    AC input power supply voltage is too low to re-confirm whether the AC power input to 220VAC

    Battery internal temperature or charging stations around ambient temperature is too high, you can use an external fan assisted cooling accelerated battery cooling

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