i finished my period 4 days ago and i got a second period in the same month?

my last day of my period was 4 days be for my second period in the same month and i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend last night and and 2 days after my last period now im worried what could it be. am i pregnant or is it just a period it looks the same as a regular period and im cramping, bloating and having head achs its the same as always i also took the morning after pill the first time my boyfriend and i had sex 2 days after my first period this month could it be that causing it? please help. and im using my boyfriends email so its not fake please help asap

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  • 7 years ago
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    i had a period 2 times in a month. are your cycles accurate yet? if not its still trying to get in a pattern so it could just be adjusting

  • 7 years ago

    With u being a boy, that is pretty weird

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