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Mike asked in News & EventsCurrent Events · 7 years ago

Alabama... That Vietnam veteran I find worthy of understanding and compassion. What is your opinion about him?

About the kidnapping of a child in Alabama...

I think Vietnam veterans are misunderstood heroes, my uncle fought in that war, and a small part of me will always be in Vietnam. It's part of my life I think.

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    When I read the news today, I felt really bad for every single person involved in this. The boy of course for being held hostage. I was relieved that the man didn't harm him. I felt bad for the deceased Bus driver, and his family. I felt bad for the boy's parents, the police who did a very (exhausting, tiring, stressful etc I'm sure it was some hard work) good/...excellent job, actually...And I couldn't help but feel bad for the Vietnam veteran, hostage taker also.He must have suffered from some PTSD or something. At least he didn't harm the boy. It's sad that he had to be killed, but I'm sure there was nothing else the police could do. They had to kill him to get the boy back. Everybody is different, so each case has to be looked at by an ''individual'' standard.We can't base this mans mental state on every single veteran. I felt sad for all of them :( I am happy the boy is safe now.

    Source(s): I know many Vietnam Veterans. They ARE heroes.
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  • 7 years ago

    Many men came back and did not kill bus drivers and take children as hostages or shoot at neighbors.

    He needed mental health treatment when her returned and the VA system is broken so for that I feel sad but he harmed so many children mentally including the boy- that is hard to forgive.

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