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What are the best malls near Chicago, IL?

I am going to visit Chicago next week and I would like to go shopping. I am looking for some outlet malls or inexpensive malls which include stores such as JCPenny or Forever21. Do you know if there is a good Target or Walmart Supercenter near the city?


Thanks to all of you! your answers were very helpful

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    There are no outlet malls inside the city of Chicago. The closest good ones are in Gurnee IL, Aurora IL, and Michigan City IN.

    Chicagland's biggest mall is the Woodfield Center in Schaumburg. I has hundreds of stores, including Penneys and Forever 21.

    There is a Target store downtown on State and Madison Streets, and Target Stores throughout the city and suburbs.

    Walmart has only one real store in the city because the powerful unions have pressured members of the city council to prevent Walmart from having much of a presence in the city; however there are dozens of Walmart stores in the suburbs - several just across the street of city limits.

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    Very wellBrook Mall is first rate and proper external of Chicago only a 25 minute pressure after which about 5 lies far from very wellbrook mall there is Yorktown mall. Additionally the aurora outlet mall is satisfactory however the one in alrightbrook is much better.

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    Oak Brook Mall is fantastic and right outside of Chicago only a 25 minute drive and then about 5 lies away from oak brook mall there is Yorktown mall. Also the aurora outlet mall is nice but the one in oak brook is far better.

    Source(s): I live there! :)
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    Yes there is and the Chicago Supper mall is big and has a lot of stores

    Good Luck and have fun!

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