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If William Shakespeare was alive today what 3 T.V. shows would he watch?

plz be serious and descriptive :)

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    None of them.

    He'd be writing! Most of the writers, and the actors in television don't watch much television. They need to be pressed to watch programs on CD's so they can vote for the Emmys.

    He would know what is is selling because he was a working writer and needed to make a living. In his day he was very successful because he wrote about themes people wanted to see. He used royalty because most of Europe was under monarchies. Today he might use celebrities for his themes and politicians, professional athletes and so forth. His tragedies may not sell well (Hamlet0 but his comedies would sell well. "Taming of the Shrew" has been done many different ways, hasn't it?

    Serious enough?

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    Good, he'd almost always recognize every equally well - or poorly. Strangely enough, he may just without a doubt have an accent in the direction of an American's. Shakespeare's English used to be rhotic, because of this he stated the 'r's on the end of syllables, very similar to most americans do today and most Brits do not.

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    Shakespeare was first and foremost, an entertainer, and a stunning observer of human nature. I'm going to restrict my answers to shows that are currently showing:

    1. Sherlock (BBC America) sharp writing, complex characters, insightful psychology, all mixed masterly together with humor and suspense. Shakespeare was a genius at mixing these elements in his best plays, and I think he would appreciate the great wit shown in the writing and complex plotting.

    2. Sons of Anarchy - The show, which creator Sutter has said is modeled after Hamlet, really became a beautiful tragedy this year. I think Shakespeare would be flattered.

    3. Justified - While we have our fair share of indistinguishable cop and detective shows these days, this one has flavor that comes across in all of the colorful characters that populate its backwoods setting and the snappy, sort of literary dialogue delivered by lawman with a mythic charm about him. And Shakespeare was ALL about the literate language, which is almost entirely absent from broadcast TV.

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    He wouldn't watch any of them.

    He was a playwright, he would watch plays if he wanted to watch anything.

    Otherwise, he would be out in the world watching people.

    Not everyone watches TV, he would be one of those that doesn't.

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    1.) Jersey shore

    2.) Honey boo boo

    3.) Buck wild

    4.) Hoarders: buried alive

    ...there's a lot you don't know about ole'Willy

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