Weird coincidences or something more sinister?

The child hostage in a bunker in Alabama, according to some news articles, will turn 6 on Wednesday, which is the day after tomorrow. That means it is on February 6th. Most of the children killed in the Sandy Hook incident were 6 years of age. Adam Lanza had Asperger's. The little boy in Alabama, has Asperger.

Most people simply ignore that odd things are taking place and when some do point it out to them, they refuse to even look at the data. Afraid?

On the other hand you have NASA and other scientists believing that we human beings are living inside a computer. Do I believe that? No. What I'm more inclined to believe is this:

1) Extremely odd and impossible coincidences are taking place--more and more each time--as if time was narrowing down or something. Can't explain it well because I'm not a scientist.

2) There are less and less people answering questions on Yahoo Answers, no matter what type question, no matter what time of day or evening. ONLY questions which get bit of response are the very strong political ones. And even at that the numbers are dwindling. Where's everyone going to? Even at the highest time of holiday season most people were here on YA and ask and answer all the time.

3) Human's bad and/ or erratic behavior keeps increasing by the minute. There's no need to include the "limited" ten links YA allows; you simply go into any newspaper online and you see it for yourself.

4) The whole world (not earth but people and events) are moving at an accelerated pace, like never seen before not even during huge crisis like 9/11.

5) Coincidences seem to increase and bump into each other by the sheer reason that most humans are contributing with some odd, illegal, or even impossible type behavior?

I have read stories of people who are seeing questions written in Yahoo Answers--are you ready for this?--about "definitely" private behavior which no one else in the world knows!!! Someone confided in me that something she thought (very privately) when she was in her early teens, she just saw written here on YA in the form of a question.

I cannot tell you the details, for she herself was somewhat embarrassed to tell me all, but suffice it to say that NO way in the world could another human being have had that same thought or desire!!!!

Sorry, can't find this one in English:

{{{State Rep. Steve Clouse, who represents the Midland City area, said the mother told him that the boy has Asperger's syndrome as well as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.}}}


DIGITALLICUS: Yes, my questions sometimes are written in “erratic” form. As for the “malicious”, that of course would be seen and understood ONLY by the deeply religious person. BTW, I changed the headline (title) to my question few times; chose this one so at least two type people would go in to answer. Those types are:

RAJRON, who missed most of the question and concentrated only on the "coincidence" part.

DANTE, who (if he read it) would not understand and/ or is afraid to face any truth.

WITNESSofJESUS, who NOT only is NOT afraid of seeking truth if necessary, but is openminded enough to believe in the possibility of mind control, and also keeps in mind “the school of old”, meaning that he understands that in any such weird incidents there could be “the possibility of devil worship”. And, finally, he is completely human enough to understand that evil is being done and NO one should have to be dying for it.

And then there’s you DIGITALLICUS: I’m bit tired today and won’t

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  • 7 years ago
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    personally, i think it could be mind control. other alleged coincidences are that they all had some kind of connection to a psychological program.

    on the other hand no one has ever thought to say that these people were doing ritual murders to worship the devil.

    what a waste of life no matter what it is.

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  • 7 years ago

    Ok the Asperger's thing is easily explained- Many children are being diagnosed or maybe OVER diagnosed with Asperger's. We can agree these kids have emotional problems that make them vulnerable to be in both situations they sadly ended up in.

    As far as less answers - I have noticed that a bit also. I think that this site might be losing popularity ( remember MySpace?) so if that continues you will see less.

    If someone has a thought- so many people have lived or are living now it is hard for me to believe 2 humans have not had the same thoughts or emotions .

    Behaviors are increasing? Not sure i don't have the stats but would not surprise given the state the economy is in. As far as increasing - Media hype makes it hard to know what is fact or fiction?

    Try not to worry and keep your sanity- if time is speeding up I guess we will all get older faster and die sooner so we should relax and not worry while we can!

    I don't think anyone can sufficiently answer all these questions.

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  • 7 years ago

    The form of the question you wrote is somewhat erratic but from what I gather you are asking about weather coincidences are just coincidences or are they malicious movements.

    The psychoanalyst Carl Jung wrote on coincidences (synchronicity) and there is research taking place looking at the quantum entanglement relationship to consciousness which may lead to the discovery of how consciousness is entangled in matter.

    Not sure if that even helps but there ya go.

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  • Rajron
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    7 years ago

    In other non-news today, 6 grains of sand on a 30 mile long beach happened to line up perfectly.

    The human brain is hardwired to see patterns, even when they don't exist.

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  • Dante
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    7 years ago


    oops! my chupucabra just ran out the door ... bye.

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