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Does the Ram Trucks Superbowl commercial "Farmer" make you miss the America you grew up with?

Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial "Farmer"

Paul Harvey wins: Super Bowl ad tribute to farmers earns praise, nostalgia


Scr - THE SHORT BUS HAS ARRIVED! Where's your helmet?

Update 2:

Keep Your White Guilt - You act as though your stupidity is a virtue.

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    That was the America I grew up with. It's still like it today. Liberals just refuse to live it though.

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  • Alex
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    Actually it does. I grew up on a farm and even though I became a computer IT Professional and a major geek, I miss Paul Harvey's "The rest of the story" segments and the quiet life living out in the middle of nowhere.

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    Well Greedy Farmers sold out to huge corporations, Dodge Trucks are made in Mexico and that guy who did the talking is dead so now what?

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    It was neat but it sure doesn't apply to today's farmers. I live in farm country and almost everything is automated and there is very little manual labor to it. Big corporate farms are taking over and he government hands them money hand over fist. It's turned into a big money making racket. Don't feel too sorry for the farmers anymore, they have it made and can't loose due to all the government subsidies..

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    No, but I'm f*cking furious I wasn't there. And apparently Mardi Gras has already started.

    I planned on getting there earlier but I got d*cked around travelling. I was gonna get paid to watch the Super Bowl like I used to do with the Saint's games. Just go to the temp agency Trillium Staffing and clean up while the game is going on. PISSSSSSED

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    Can't miss what you still do. Though I mostly work cattle, spring and fall means I'm busy planting either sorghum, (hay grazer) oats, for hay for the show cattle, or winter wheat for hay and grazing.

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    I think it would have been even better if they showed pictures of Coahuila Mexico where they build them.

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    The commercial impressed me, it showed that Dodge is a pro America company and not owned by left wing, baby killing, drug addicted welfare junkies.

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