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Please be advised that your application for leave to issue a writ of possession was granted by the tribunal on 28 january 2013 and the Respondent was ordered to pay the applicant the costs of this application in the sum of $300.

kindly note that this does not automatically take your case further to execution by court bailiff, whether to take further steps is to be decided by you.

if you decide to enforce the order for possession &/or the judgment by the court bailiff,you ate required to file an application for the issue of a writ of possession &/or writ of fieri facias a this tribunal registry and to pay fees and deposits as mentioned below

there is no guarantee that you can recover in full or in part the arrears of rent or sums of money awarded or even the costs of execution incurred or to be incurred. it all depends on the result of execution by the court bailiff ,please determine by yourself which mode(s) of execution is /are required after considering the chance of recovery and the expenses that would be incurred for the bailiffs actions.

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