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的班車,您可以問候車的旅客, 台灣人都會很熱心的回答。

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    Thanks to the experts for your direction


    At the City Hall station, take the blue line on 板南 direction.

    而後在忠孝新生站下車, 走到下一層樓改搭黃色的蘆洲縣,

    Get off at the 忠孝新生 station and transit to yellow line to 蘆洲 county at lower level.


    and you will arrive at F University.


    At that station, the lower level has the trains to both F University and 蘆洲 county

    您可以問候車的旅客, 台灣人都會很熱心的回答。

    You may ask for direction from any passengers and they will be happy to answer your questions.

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    I wouldn't know anything, if he happens to ask me for direction.

    But if he is a handsome dude, then I will bring him alone...

    In that case, who cares where I am going...

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    In the South of the city: take the blue line, then get off at Chung Hau new station, go to the next floor make yellow family compound, you can go to Jen. This floor to Jen and Luchou Shuttle, you can greet visitors, Taiwan people will be very enthusiastic response.

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    Take the Blue line at the City Hall Station to Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station.

    Switch to the Yellow line at the lower level, and that’ll take you to FJCU.

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    The train that goes to FJCU and Luzhou stops at this level.

    You could ask anyone waiting for the train for direction. Taiwanese people are pretty hospitable.

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    先在市府搭藍色的板南線,而後在忠孝新生站下車,走到下一層樓改搭黃色的新蘆線, 其中的一條副線就可以到輔大了。

    這一樓層有往輔大與蘆洲的班車,您可以問候車的旅客, 台灣人都會很熱心的回答。

    (版主的原文略有不清楚, 已代為修改)

    Firstly take MRT Blue Line (Ban-Nan Line) at its Taipei City Hall Station

    and get off at ZhongXiao XinSheng Station; then walk to the lower floor

    to take MRT Yellow Line (Xin-Lu Line), of which a subline leads directly

    to FJCU (Fu Jen Catholic University).

    On the said lower floor there are two sublines serving passengers heading

    for FJCU or Luzhou separately. Inquire anybody on the platform and you

    will get a hearty guidance.

    Source(s): 羅莉 - 翻譯經驗
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    You ride the MRT in city hall station the Bannan blue line, get off the car at Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station, and then go down to the lower floor to enroute a yellow Luchou line toward the direction of Fu-Jen University., you won’t miss it.


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    There are two lines in the same floor, Luchou or Fu-Jen University, Just ask the passengers on the platform, people will help you friendly..

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