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It’s almost impossible to build two comparison systems that all readers will agree match up. Some folks prefer comparing an equal number of cores, others favor matching clock rates, and some like to pit specific features against each other. The vendors themselves typically focus on market segments. For our purposes, we put AMD's A8-3870 (four cores at 3.0 GHz) next to Intel's Pentium G630 (two cores at 2.7 GHz), yielding systems priced similarly.




put A next to B在這裡是什麼意思?

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    "yielding" here is to represent "result" (結果). It is a present participle phrase and is used as an adverb to describe "put".

    Basically, what it means is:

    They place two different CPUs, AMD's A8-3870 and Intel's G630, into two systems and result with similarity in pricing.

    If you want to translate "yield", it can be translated as "產生". Pay attention to "yield" is followed with "systems" (a noun used as an object for "yield"). This is why it talks about the "result".

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    mater Princess is not a believer of Intel! Look like AMD has a strong supporter from royal family!

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    maybe, energy from fusion is safer and more plentiful!

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    put A next to B在這裡是什麼意思?

    It means "place A close to B" (把A放在緊鄰B的旁邊)

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    master Princess! Yes, I agree with you. If "put A next B" is with the originally questioned sentence. It will mean "compare".

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    Thank you for bringing it up! You always dig deeper!

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    The paragragh was originally posted here:

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    There are many speculations why the AMD CPUs don't perform better when they look great on paper.

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    We put A next to P, yielding systems at similar price.

    But I believe that A is a better product.

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    Yes, I have ordered all computers in my queendom to morph themselves into AMD with 32 cores at 8.88ghz and 64TB of L2 cache. That will be sexier than XK6 for sure. But then, I will need a nuclear generator in my basement.

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    Until spider man comes back to live, I cannot install a fusion generator in my basement. But spiders freak me out alittle.

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    put A next to B在這裡是什麼意思?

    Please do not take it too literally - the speaker may NOT have them side by side geographically. It typically means - comparing A and B...

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