Loop Holes in my dress code?

Heres my dress code:

***All clothing must fit the student’s normal size***

The purpose of Jeaga Middle School’s dress code policy is to help ensure a safe school environment that is focused on academics, while promoting professionalism and personal responsibility among Jeaga’s students.


Any Sleeved Polo Style Shirt

Any Jeaga Middle School Sponsored T-Shirt

Maximum of 2 Open Buttons

No Derogatory or Offensive Logos/Pictures/Emblems (Administration has final say)

Must Be Tucked In At All Times

Must Be The Outer Layer


Solid Colored Pants/Shorts/Skirts (Must be finger tip length)


No Derogatory or Offensive Logos/Pictures/Emblems (Administration has final say)

Must Be Worn At The Natural Waistline

A Belt Must Be Worn At All Times


Closed-toe and Closed-heel

Tennis shoes/sneakers or Loafers


Clear Plastic Backpacks/Book-Bags Only

Student ID Badges:

All Students Must Be Able To Furnish Their Current Year Jeaga Student ID Badge Upon Request From Any Jeaga Middle School Staff Member.

Additional Guidelines

No baggy or oversized clothing

No ripped, worn, or otherwise revealing clothing

No pants tucked into socks or otherwise gathered at the ankle.

No headgear of any type

No clothing that is offensive, profane or vulgar

No clothing that advertises alcohol or drugs

No writing, stickers, etc. on clear backpacks/book bags or Student ID badges

No wrist bands, scarves, headbands, chains, ropes, strings or items/accessories that may pose a distraction or safety hazard to self or others

Parents: Please adhere to the above uniform policies and requirements when purchasing school clothes and supplies. Your support is vital to your child’s academic and behavioral success. Ensure that he/she is in compliance and prepared for success.

Students with continuous or flagrant violations of the dress code policy are subject to administrative action. School administration ultimately reserves the right to determine appropriate dress and violations.


Non-compliance accessory items including cell phones, Ipods, digital cameras or any other electronic devices will be immediately confiscated and held by Administration pending parent retrieval. Items that are not retrieved will be available for student pick-up at the end of the school year.

Students must be in compliance with the dress code policy while on Jeaga Middle School campus, or while attending a Jeaga Middle School sponsored event unless otherwise advised. Students that fail to comply with the dress code policy will be immediately placed in In-School Suspension for the duration of the school day. Multiple infractions may be considered insubordination and result in a suspension from school as determined by Administration.


Yeah It's kinda stupid but help please

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    no :( thats really strict

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    8 years ago

    Wow your dress code is really strict I can't think of on loophole sorry :(

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