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Bay with socks - Color question?

1) If someone says they have a bay with hind socks does it mean white socks?

2) Are the black legs, commonly seen on bays, considered "socks"?

3) Is there such thing as a bay without either black or white legs?

I'm just really confused how the color marks work with the bay gene. Its fairly self explanatory with chestnuts and sorrels, etc.; its just the bays that throw me. Can anyone explain?

(Also greys with black legs... that trips me up too)

Thank you for your time and answers in advance!

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    A bay horse always has black legs. Bay does come in different shades, and some will have more black at the points and darker shades of reds but by definition a bay horse is a horse with a red body and black points. The points are the lower legs, mane, tail, tips of the ears and muzzle. If a bay horse has a left, hind sock, that means that the left hind leg has a white sock. All of the other legs would be black.

    Bay horse with no socks:

    Bay horse with one sock:

    Bay horse with 4 socks:

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    1 and 2) Any marking on a horse is white. e.g. a blaze, any diamond, socks, stockings. These are ALWAYS white.

    You wouldn't say a bay with black legs as that is what a bay is. A bay horse is a brown horse with darker legs and a darker mane.

    Their colour has nothing to do with their markings.

    3) A bay horse is a horse with darker legs than their body coat. So in a way, yes, their legs may not be black but they will be darker. They cannot have white legs only white socks / stockings

    Hope I helped

    Source(s): I own a beautiful bay :)
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    A horse has to have "black points" to be a bay, black legs, black mane and tail, black tips of ears. No black legs are not considered socks. When a grey horse has black legs, he was either born black, bay, or dark brown. and he will eventually grey out and be almost white when old.

    You know some one is very novice when they say a horse has black socks.

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    Black Horse With White Socks

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    Any note of markings is always white.

    Mainly in bays they aren't advertised as "bay with black legs" they're just bays. Most people don't care about these attributes at all.

    Like this horse..

    Only the white markings will be noted.

    This is universal in all colors.

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    Socks and stockings are white! Bays have black legs, grays can have them too. But unless they're white, they aren't socks

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