Hey i'd like some feedback for this story?

I'm sampling a bunch of different genres and this one is Science Fiction so here it goes....i'd like any feedback positive or negative i'm not a sensitive guy so don't worry about sugar coating ****

p.s it's called 4th Generation (feel free to put down suggestions for a new title. I also ned suggestions for the character (male or female, characteristics etc....) I'm good with ideas for stories but not as skilled in creating characters

It takes place in the the futuristic society of Europe. Europe is one of three populated places (the other two being North America and Australia) The major plot is that Europe is powered by a new source of enerygy which is cheap and efficient and (supposedly) eco-friendly. It's plasma, the 4th state of matter. They use it to power there cities and everything but cars and airships. due to the characteristics of plasma, all the lights powered by plasma are usualy tinted purple or blue. So from a birds eye view the cities look like a complex systep of purple and blue lights. People like to wear retro-like outfits (the 60's kind where you jeans go all the way up above your belly button and your shirt is tucked into it). Anyways cars float due to electromagnetic fields generated only on special roads so vehicles are useless anywhere else. Meanwhile in North America Plasma was refused as an alternative due to it's unstable characteristics. North America is also over populated and has an unreliable list of power sources. the most popular one is biomass. North America has a curfew and if your a second past it your taken by specialized groups and are killed on sight or taken to a biomass factory and killed there but either way they take your corpse to the biomass factory and convert it into energy. A good source of energy and a sufficient population control. Little does (the main character) know, Europe uses the same concept of converting people into energy because plasma is the 4th state of any matter and Europe can keep the population down easier and secretive. When (the main character) finds this out he tries to escape Europe by sneaking on an exploration airship. BTW Australia is a mystery to Europe and North America so Europe sends exploration ships to Australia and many other places that were once colonized. And maybe Europe and North America can be in a war or something but i'd like some feedback if you bothered to read all of that


Thank you for the feedback and the main character is already in Europe and knows how NA is a monstrosity but he finds out Europe is killing people to and when he spreads the word nobdy believes him and the specialized group hunts for him so he sneaks on an exploration ship that's going to Australia and he finds a whole society and it ends with a cliffhanger.......and to the other guy i like the nerdy kid idea thanks a lot guys

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  • 7 years ago
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    I really like how you created two different societies with NA and Europe. I like Europe's concept, except for the clothing choice. I think if you were this far into the future they'd be done with jeans and all stainable fabrics.

    Also, why does the main character want to travel to Europe if they're doing the same mass killing there? Why isn't his mission to get to Australia?

  • 7 years ago

    I like the idea of this story and if you go through with writing it you should totally tell me when and where. I have an idea for the main character (he could be a little bit different from the rest, right?) He could wear flannels (because flannels are awesome) and (of course) the high waist jeans (granny jeans, I say), dark brown hair and blue eyes. Sorry if you didn't want a character description. He could be slightly shy and quiet (big nerd :D). I hope this helps (a bit) in developing the character if nothing else. I fell in love with the entire idea when I first read it :) Hope you write this!!!!

    Source(s): me ;P
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