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Do you believe that there's more to it than boxing that caused Muhammad Ali's Parkinson's?

People keep on blaming boxing for Ali's Parkinson's disease but even the doctors had proofs saying that boxing didn't really cause it. I obviously don't buy into that theory because there were a bunch of fighters that took far more punishment than Muhammad Ali and are still in great shape today. A great example would be "The Raging Bull" Jake LaMotta. LaMotta, who had so many wars with the greatest boxer of all time Sugar Ray Robinson and many other top middleweight contenders, is in his 90s right now and is surprising still in good shape for his age.


@ashtyn: I wasn't attacking your dad, I just said he lacked the knowledge of the Ray Lewis accusation of murder case when I thought you said he was the one that stated Lewis killed someone. I was gonna change my answers when I reread and maybe apologize about it but then you already gave me the free 10 points with a one star and wouldn't let it go giving me your rants. Since you appear to not know how to use Yahoo! answers, trying looking up a tutorial or something and if you wanna know how to add additional details, just go to the edit button. Oh and by the way, I'm a minor too. However, I'm 3 years older than you. Beside, this is the INTERNET. Not everyone is always gonna be friendly or understand you.

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    Boxing caused Muhammad Ali Parkinson's the same as Freddie Roach, Terry Norris and countless other former boxers even some that I personally know

    *Edit-**(UNDENIABLE PROOF )**Here are little known facts about how head trauma now is PROVEN to be directly related to parkinson's

    *Edit-I get so sick and tired of typical ignorance in uneducated people such as ashytn who confuse parkinson's disease with the (SYNDROME) not the disease since the disease is not brought on by head trauma and thus Muhammad Ali does not have the disease just as Freddie doesn't or Terry Norris they have the syndrome because it is nearly identical to the disease but unlike the disease it is from head trauma!!!

    Source(s): Why does boxing cause Parkinson's to some& not others is not fully understood but genetics must have a huge part EDIT* I just read a recently published article in the Seattle times where Muhammad Ali admits that the parkinsons he has is from boxing-Words from the 'Horses mouth'!
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    The Parkinson's Reversing Breakthrough?

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    All the people who run the US and the world knew Ali would be a huge force in politics and as a public speaker and had the personality to be as big and influential as Martin Luther King Jr and they poisoned him to keep him silent. The most influential and effective thing about Ali was his SPEAKING ability, and that is what he lost right towards the end of his boxing career right before his retired. If he still was able to speak, he would have had an even greater, massive impact on the world, but the people who are in power, you can call them the Illuminatti if you want, made sure that he wouldn't be able to talk again once he retired and stopped making everyone money. If you really think about it, it makes perfect sense. Ali didn't take any more punches to the head than any other boxer who fought as long as he did.

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    Very good question sir!

    It's possible that it could have came from repeated blows to the head particularly from the Foreman fight on and as a heavyweight, he was hit with some great punches from big time punchers like Foreman, Frazier, Norton, Holmes and Shavers to name a few. Ali showed symptoms as early as 1981 right after retiring though he wasn't diagnosed until 3 years later developing those tremors, slurrred speech and slower body movements. It's sad to see perhaps the greatest heavyweight Champ in hsitory that was also known for his gift of gab, no longer able to speak. He may very well have developed Parkinsons anyway and that boxing may not have had anything at all to do with it as there has never been a definite study linking boxing related trauma to the development of Parkinsons disease.

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  • Yes but you see it's still an American football question and again I didn't pick the sectionYahoo! did. Oh and personally I think it's funny how were still going back and forth and you can't drop it like an adult because you see I'm only 14 so I could call this harrasment to a minor. So lets watch our mouths... :) I mean your mouth haha. And to answer your question parkinsons disease is not caused by boxing it is caused by something else. My grandmother had parkinsons and was not a boxer LOL she in fact died a while ago from it. :( Oh and how do you do additional details on your own question?? I can't figure that out. Please help and I'll drop my above issue. And yes I'm still "butthurt" for you attacking my dad!

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    bearing in mind i'm no expert on the subject i always did believe that ali's disease could of just of easily came about naturally rather than it having been caused by him taking too many punches but my opinion was swayed when i watched a henry cooper interview in the documentry FACING ALI in which cooper states that in 2009 ali's doctor told him that ali's parkinsons is not the regular parkinson's disease but rather parkinson's syndrome which had been caused by damaged nerves on the back of ali's neck and that those damaged nerves were a direct result of punches too that area.apparently the damaged nerves stop alot of the messages from his brain traveling down the spine and thats why his movement suffers.

    how true all that is though i couldn't say

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    In truth I am not certain boxing had a lot to do with it, but it's very difficult to dismiss boxing all together. Ali took a lot of shots during his career, it couldn't have helped.

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    boxing wasnt the only cause butit didnt help him

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