Both are considered all time greats by many. Both have excellent discographies. So..lets compare these emcees.

Ironman vs. Illmatic

Supreme Clientele vs. It Was Written

Fish Scale vs. Stillmatic

GFK - Love Session vs. NAS - Head Over Heels

GFK - Kilo vs. NAS - One Mic

Storytelling -

Flow -

Delivery -

Production -

Wordplay -

Overall -

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    Ironman vs. Illmatic - Illmatic. This album is the soundtrack to the streets of New York pre-Giuliani era. Nas was completely finessed and was flowed effortlessly. It really is the perfect composition. I feel that both the production and rapping on Ironman decreases in quality as the album goes on. And although I don't agree with people who title Illmatic as the "greatest produced album of all time", I think the production is nonetheless very spectacular.

    Illmatic - 10/10; Ironman 8.5/10

    Supreme Clientele vs. It Was Written - Supreme Clientele. This is extremely close as both albums are extremely high in quality, but Supreme Clientele due to it's significance in keeping Wu relevant through the early 00s gives it the edge over It Was Written. The production on Supreme Clientele is also just that bit better than that on It Was Written, with no beat on that album nearing either "Mighty Healthy" or "Malcolm" in terms of quality. My only real problem with Supreme Clientele is the number of guest appearances as I feel as though he could have easily held down some tracks without any assistance.

    Supreme Clientele - 9/10; It Was Written - 8.5/10

    FishScale vs. Stillmatic - FishScale. The album provided the soundtrack for 2006 for me. It was also my first introduction to Ghost, and although it has received less replay from me I still regard very highly of the album. Stillmatic to me is extremely overrated and apart from a few highlights ("One Mic", "Rewind", "Ether") the album doesn't stand out from other mainstream rap albums from the early 00s. I do however recognize it's significance as it held Nas down as the King of New York for a short period of time.

    FishScale - 9/10; Stillmatic - 7/10

    Nas - Head Over Heels

    Nas - One Mic

    Storytelling - Nas. I know Ghost is highly regarded as one of the greatest storytellers ever, but I don't think he has a storytelling song as great as "Undying Love", "I Gave You Power" or "Drunk By Myself".

    Flow - Nas. If we're comparing them in their prime then I'd pick Nas by the slightest. The way he rapped over "The Set Up" still mesmerizes me.

    Delivery - Ghostface Killah. Nowadays he bores me, but his brashness really manifested itself in his rapid-fire delivery. (Check out how he ran over Masta Killa on "Wu-Banga 101".)

    Production - Ghostface Killah.

    Wordplay - Ghostface Killah. Along with Jay-Z I think Ghost has the greatest wordplay.

    Overall - Nas.

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    Tough one, but I'll go for It Was Written

    Again I love both of these, but Stillmatic

    Don't know either of those

    One Mic easily

    Storytelling - Ghostface

    Flow - Nas

    Delivery - Ghostface

    Production - Nas

    Wordplay - Nas

    Overall - even though I picked Nas for like every category, I prefer Ghost

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    8 years ago




    Head over heels







    Close but I think nas is a bit better

  • 8 years ago

    To be honest I never got what's the hype about wu-tang clan or any of their members in particular. Time to time I always see some dude who claims Ghostface or Method Man to be the greatest mc alive. I always liked the Wu, but to me they are some group who are kind of kings minor league. Like not even in my top 15. Not to be disrespectful or something, I'm just stating how I feel. So for me - Nas wins in every category you've named.

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  • 8 years ago

    Ghostface >>>>>>>>>>>>>



    Fish Scale

    Don't remember either of those tracks well enough

    One Mic







  • 8 years ago

    I like Ghostface but Nas is better

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  • Joey_
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    8 years ago

    Nas is the best rapper alive.

    No contest.

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