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Is this the difference between the Holocaust and religion?

In religion, guys named Moses talked to burning bushes, but in the Holocaust, guys named Moses just got burned alive?

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    The holocaust was the deluded view of a few that caused suffering, persecution and death of millions in the name of a absurd political doctrine.

    Religion is the deluded view of the many that causes suffering, persecution and death of millions in the name of an absurd God.

    Both use hatred and fear as a catalysis to incite terrible things against those who do not agree or fit into the stereotypes associated with their views. Both continue to do so, the holocaust although associated with Nazi Germany is but genocide in another name (on the grandest of scales yet seen) but it still goes on, Rwanda (Tutsi/ Hutus), Croatia (Christian /Muslim), Nigeria (Biafra) to name but a few, all show that this blight on humanity still persists. Now we are seeing a resurgence of religious killing, a resurgence of something that has persisted since religion began, which is a form of genocide under a different name.

    Mankind doesn't seem to learn from history and joking about it shows a lack of true understanding of the base nature of us all, for the terrible thing is, ordinary people are the ones who commit these barbaric acts, turn on friends and neighbours, commit atrocities and murder, and that my friend is, given the right circumstances, unfortunately me and you too, something is inside us all it appears, it just needs the right circumstances, incitement or enough fear to drive us to it, and that I find very very scary for it can be for any reason, any motive that sets it off it appears. and we as civilised human beings revert back to murdering savages and it is only the luck of the draw whether you are a murderer or the murdered.

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    There is evidence for the holocaust.

    There is no evidence of a global flood, jewish slaves in egypt, plagues striking egypt, the parting of the red seas, jesus, etc

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    That's just one religion. Buddhists and Jainists believe that violence is unacceptable under any circumstances.

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    Die in a pit of fhuck. Religion has many branches. A horrible military act does not,

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  • 7 years ago

    is that supposed to be funny? it is not funny that 6 million jews and 10 million christians were killed at the command of one madman.

  • Anonymous
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    that's just not funny ....not because of the subject matter are just not funny as a person

  • 7 years ago

    Okay and your point?

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