Is San Francisco the only city in the United States that is the same size as it's county?

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    No. There are quite a few cities that are coterminous with their counties (meaning same boundaries). Beside San Francisco, some others are

    City of Philadelphia and Philadelphia County, PA

    City of New Orleans and Orleans Parish, Louisiana

    City of Denver and Denver County, Colorado

    City and County of Broomfield, Colorado

    City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii

    Town and County of Nantucket, Massachusetts

    Anchorage, Alaska and other Alaska towns have consolidated with their boroughs. (Alaska does not have counties.)

    Here are some other cities that merged with their counties and county governments:

    Anaconda and Deer Lodge County, Montana

    Butte and Silver Bow County, Montana

    Columbus and Muscogee County, Georgia

    Cusseta and Chattahoochee County, Georgia

    Georgetown and Quitman County, Georgia

    Hartsville and Trousdale County, Tennessee

    Houma and Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana

    Lexington and Fayette County, Kentucky

    Lynchburg and Moore County, Tennessee

    Macon and Bibb County, Georgia, to be completed January 2014

    Preston and Webster County, Georgia

    Statenville and Echols County, Georgia

    There are also some more complicated consolidations.

    in seven consolidated city–county governments In the United States, the formerly independent incorporated places maintain some governmental powers. In these cities, which the Bureau of the Census calls "consolidated cities", statistics are recorded both for the entire consolidated government and for the component municipalities. A part of the consolidated government is called the "balance", which the Census Bureau defines as "the consolidated city minus the semi-independent incorporated places located within the consolidated city",

    These consolidated cities are:

    Athens–Clarke County, Georgia

    Augusta–Richmond County, Georgia

    Butte-Silver Bow, Montana

    Indianapolis-Marion County, Indiana

    Jacksonville-Duval County, Florida

    Louisville-Jefferson County, Kentucky

    Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

    Wyandotte County, Kansas, uses the term "unified government" to refer to its consolidation with Kansas City, Kansas, and most of the towns within the county boundaries in which some cities and towns remain separate jurisdictions within the county. Individual sections of a metropolitan or regional municipality may retain some autonomous jurisdiction apart from the city-wide government.

    One of the most complicated set-ups is between Miami and Miami-Dade County, Florida. It is a "Federated" City-County multi-tiered type of government.

    The above city/county arrangements should not to be confused with independent cites because independent cities do not have county governments. Besides the 39 independent cities in Virginia, there are 3 others:

    Baltimore, MD

    Carson City, NV

    St Louis, MO

    Washington, DC has special status, of course. The city is a federal district. There is no county.

    And I bet you were expecting a short answer. :-)

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    costly Sharon: I particularly have constantly cherished the Portland, Oregon section & the Seattle, Washington section. SF has an approx. inhabitants of a million Million human beings. There are no longer too many different Metro factors with your standards of 75 tiers. Hawaii is small. San Diego section is nice. lots of the factors i think of roughly are the two too warm or much less pop. Las Vegas falls here!

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    The correct term for what you're describing is a 'consolidated city-county'.

    Consolidated since creation:

    - Anchorage, AK

    - Broomfield, CO

    - Denver, CO

    - Honolulu, HI

    - Juneau, AK

    - Los Alamos, NM

    - New Orleans, LA

    - San Francisco, CA

    - Sitka, AK

    - Yakutat, AK

    - Nantucket, MA

    Cities which merged with their respective counties:

    - Anaconda, MT

    - Butte, MT

    - Columbus, GA

    - Cusseta, GA

    - Georgetown, GA

    - Hartsville, TN

    - Houma, LA

    - Lexington, KY

    - Lynchburg, TN

    - Macon, GA (as of January 2014)

    - Philadelphia, PA

    - Preston, GA

    - Statenville, GA

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    No, jason. Many cities often fill up an entire county or borough. 4 instance, St. Louis along w/ Philadelphia is its own city & county.

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    Not at all.

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