Average salary for teachers in Canada?

What is the average pay for beginning teachers in Canada?

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    8 years ago
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    Average salary for an elementary teacher in Canada is $48,798. The average minimum starting salary varies by province -- from about $30,000 in PEI to $43,000 in Alberta. Yukon has a $56,000 starting salary (due to cost of living). Most teachers also have extremely good benefits, holidays, etc.

    Salary in general is not that good considering that all teachers need a four year degree. The median salary in Canada is $43,000 and compared to most other four year degrees it is pretty low.

    That said... the unemployment rate for teachers in Canada is over 24%. It is one of the worst professions to find a job in Canada. Canada has a low native birth rate (around 1.63 or so) and has had a declining school aged population for decades. Most provinces have been closing schools and laying of teachers in the tens of thousands. Since most public school teaching jobs are unionized (and hence seniority) the job market for new teachers is extremely grim. Most universities are now warning those taking a Bachelor's in Education about the serious job market issues.

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