What are Russian and Polish relations like today? Do Russia and Poland get along with eachother or not?

because I know they both have a big history together, especially because of the Cold War, but since the Soviet Union dissolved, ceased to exist, communist rule ended, have Poland and Russia put aside their past differences? or is Poland still wary of Russia today?


just asking because Russian and Polish are both slavic languages, so i would imagine their cultures are very similiar

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    Russia signed a Treaty of Friendship and Neighborly Relations with Poland on May 22, 1992.

    The relations have their legal framework in acts concluded between the former Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of Poland, and more than 40 interstate and intergovernmental agreements signed within the last 18 years.

    Russian-Polish political contacts were active in 2000-2005, when Russian President Vladimir Putin and Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski met ten times. There were regular contacts between the prime ministers and foreign ministers, as well as members of parliament of the two countries. There was a bilateral committee for the strategies of Russian-Polish cooperation, and the Russia-Poland Public Dialogue held regular forums.

    The intensity and level of political contacts fell drastically after 2005 due to the confrontation policy adopted by the Polish leadership as it encouraged a social and political atmosphere that was unfriendly toward Russia.

    A new Polish government led by Donald Tusk was formed in November 2007. It has declared interest in normalizing Polish-Russian contacts and readiness for an open dialogue to find solutions to bilateral problems stored over the years.

    President Elect Bronislaw Komorowski was sworn in on August 6, 2010. In his first speech after taking the oath of office he said that he would support the emergent process of rapprochement with Russia: “I will promote the beginning process of rapprochement and Polish-Russian reconciliation. This is an important challenge facing both Poland and Russia.”

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    Politically, Russia and Poland are in friendly relations. Before the fall of the USSR, the Polish people were fighting for independence from the Soviets resulting in riots and brutal crackdowns. this era of course has a CIA conspiracy theory strewed into it. After the fall of the Soviets, they signed a peace treaty and have been fine. They do have a cult culture war of which country originated the distilling of vodka. Language researchers have concluded that the Polish were the first to produce a type of vodka drink since the time of the Black Plague. Russians still argue it to this day :)

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