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Do lizards eat silverfish (insect)? 10 points for fast answers.?

I have a new female pet lizard (regular garden lizard) and I didn't buy food for it. It will be a while before I can. I have silver fish in my room because it used to be a storage room. I want to know if lizards can eat silverfish.

Please only answer if you are sure of the answer. :)

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    The only thing that eats silverfish are other insects, no lizards.

    I mean silverfish diet consist of pretty much glue and paper, and whatever nutrition was in that will be passed on to the lizard...and there isn't much.

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    So you expect that any of us lizard keepers have ever fed silverfish to our pets, right? Well I am pretty sure that very, very few people have fed these to their pet lizards. Do you know why? It is because any responsible pet owner makes sure that they can provide the animal with everything that it requires to thrive, including FOOD. What made you think that you are responsible enough to keep this animal? You clearly are not prepared to keep it, you obviously haven't researched it's diet. What else DONT know about keeping it alive and healthy? Hopefully I am mistaken and your question just wreaked of ignorance because you weren't thinking when you decided to ask this. Or maybe you bought a pet that you are ill equipped to care for due to your lack of basic knowledge about said animal. You want the best advice possible. Do some research before you buy a pet and make sure that you can keep it in a proper habitat and provide it with its needs. Dont feed it silverfish, it is a reptile, they can go a few days without food. If you arent planning on buying food for more than a few days then someone ought to slap you upside the head. It isnt a toy, it is a living, breathing creature. I am aware that I am being rude, but someone needs to point this out to you before you kill a helpless animal. I hope you think about what I am saying so that next time you decide to get a pet, you will be prepared and knowledgeable about its needs. If I didn't tell you this then maybe nobody else would and frankly you need to hear it.

  • Are silverfish insects: Yes

    Do lizards eat insects: Yes

    Therefor, as long as your lizard will eat something that small, there should be no reason why not :)

    Source(s): Bearded Dragon Breeder
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    no idea

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