Why can't I make non-rhyming poetry?

I've tried in the past and a few times I have made somewhat decent ones, but the urge to throw in a rhyme is often so strong that I do it without even thinking about it. Tell me what you think of this one and if you think I could somehow change it to a non-rhyming theme. Also if you like it please give a star, so many of these posts go up I never get a chance to get a large range of comments.

I really don't want complements either unless you have something constructive to say, I write these for my own pleasure, but I love honest critique.

Today has run away with me

With crazy possibilities

And tedious uncertainties

Of what tomorrow brings

Today will bring tomorrow's past

A day that came and went too fast

To understand at very last

What tomorrow brings

Today I live, tomorrow die

But will I live or will I cry (not crazy about this one line either)

In shame to know today's a lie

What does tomorrow bring?

Tomorrow's here, my day has come

To say goodbye to all I've done

But as I face the setting sun

I know what tomorrow brings

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  • 8 years ago
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    Very nice Q!

    A star for you!!

    That is well earned to be very true!!!

    **"*** Critique ******

    "Some thing to care!

    Some thing to share!

    Think too; far and wide and too deep!

    While awake in dreams and in sleep!

    Hidden is a beacon and a probing guiding beak!

    A; friendly, loving, constructive, humble critique!", a few verses from a poem of Dr. Singh on, 'Human Development and Nature' in reference and context to your question and quest.

    ************************ Thy Thoughts *************************

    "I write these thoughts as verses only for my own pleasures!

    Bundles of joys and accomplishment without any measures!

    I don't want any compliments except constructive thoughts!

    All one longs, all one seeks and or all one has ever sought!

    Are ones selfish mottoes and or the selfish needs and deeds!

    It is always nice to leave a little room for every one to breathe!

    As the others; do also have a little, wonderful virtuous heart!

    Who likes to cherish and share the joys of those too smart!

    As a human courtesy would like to compliment and or thank!

    It is no flattery or buttering but expression of love to be frank!

    All Thy children should have love too unconditional and true!

    Oh that may be; he, she, me, you and or what so ever who!

    Language of love, language of music and The Celestial One!

    Is bundles full of; joys, a never ending Bliss, peace and fun!

    Oh' is the only one, the only one, the only one, the only one!

    That may be; he, she, me, you and any body and or anyone!

    These thoughts, these verses of love, the bouquets of flowers!

    Some thing to care and share are Thy Blessing and or Power!

    Hope they bring; Thy Love, Thy Bliss, and Joys, to every soul!

    They do accomplish there too: loving, cherished, humble goal!; a few verses from a poem of Dr. Singh on, 'Human Development and Nature', in reference and context to your very; question and quest. Hope that helps.

    Seasons greetings and best wishes!

  • 8 years ago


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