Should we get a foreign exchange student?

We are thinking about getting a foreign exchange student I would really like one because I will be all alone when my brother goes to college. My mom is worried about getting one because what if we don't like it or they don't like us or they're insane?? But I think it would be a good experience. We would get one from Europe and I would rarer have a boy because they don't cause drama and they are just easier but my mom is worried because I'm a girl and she doesn't want anything bad to happen (if you know what I mean) so if you've had a foreign exchange please give advice!


Rather not rarer oops!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Foreign exchange students are great! I had one when I was younger, we were a bit nervous at first but we went to the shelter to see what was on offer and we even got to spend some time with them, throwing a ball for them to chase and taking them for walks around the grounds. In the end we went with a boy because the staff said they were lower maintenance and generally not so fussy about what they eat or where they sleep. Ours was from Europe too, but there are so many breeds available from there it's really hard to know which one is right for you. But we were happy with the one we got. He was originally from France, the first few days were a little awkward, basically living with a stranger, but we got along well and even grew to love him.. as much as it is possible to love an exchange student. The shelter recommended having him neutered because it would stop him becoming aggressive as he matured, we were planning to keep him for a year, or maybe two, so we thought it was for the best. How he fought to not be put in that cage.. and how much he cried when we got him back from the vet's. But we can laugh about it now. He seemed happy enough after a few weeks and we could take him to the park safe in the knowledge he wouldn't go chasing after the other exchange students.

    I still keep in contact with him, that's one of the great things about it, really getting to know someone outside your immediate culture, although he is now a she which actually worked out quite well because I am too. We went with a boy because my parents thought he would be a "positive influence" on me and stop all this trans nonsense

    Source(s): Mostly true apart from the animal shelter stuff
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    I think it's a horrible idea. What if they are rude, mean, thieves, or have bad intentions. Why don't you just adopt a kid or a foster a child.

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