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Why is it that Hollywood & society accepts fat or BBM but not BBW?

There are many shows that have an overweight of plus size husband/ father. Homer Simpson. Stan Smith is plus size. Peter Griffin. Cleveland Brown. In live action TV it's According To Jim. Doug from King of Queens. Home Improvement. So all of these overweight and plus size men can have supermodel thin wives but someone like Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Jensen Ackles can't be attracted to and marry someone like Kaycee Stroh or Sara Ramirez in a family comedy show? And i could have gone the overweight route like Peter Griffin but I'm not.

Plus size women can be hot too.

Note I said plus size actresses. I'm not talking about "the average woman." Mainly because the average woman can come in any shape or size.

Plus size women in Hollywood have so much against them but the reverse with men is not the same. for men they are told they can be fat stupid lazy and mean all at the same time and get Jennifer Lopez for a wife. but for women people say that it's no realistic.

it's just another body type. They are thick NOT fat. Why should a few extra pounds than the Hollywood standard of beauty make a woman be less desirable and less of a person? Seriously, because people really are mean to any woman that isn't a size four who is a celebrity. Many talk on the internet is very much like the cyber bullying that caused many teenage gay teens to hang themselves.

But men get a free pass?! Nobody cares that Kevin James is overweight. He's a beloved comedian. Who cares if his paring with Leah Remini doesn't really make sense. It's love! No one says anything about Cee Lo Green. He's a singer doesn't matter. Max Adler from glee is freakin hot. The character he plays may be teased some times about his weight but the actor got fangirls all around. James Richard Aitken is a plus size model and he's a cutie.

Nobody blinks an eye at Seth Rogen. He can be any size he wants to. Danny Mcbride is just funny. They all are cool. But when Christina Aguilera gains weight and gets a booty everyone is outraged. It's like a crime for a woman to have an actual stomach in Hollywood. Why can't people be accepting over plus size women just like they are accepting over Big Beautiful Men and fat funny man?

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    I COMPLETELY AGREE!!!! I am so so so glad I am not the only decent human being who has noticed this. I am incredibly happy! lol.

    It completely angers me about how our society views women. Like you stated, men don't have to be perfect, but the woman does. I notice this everywhere!

    I can talk about this for hours, and write an even longer post than you did, however I am simply not in the mood to do so. I will just say, that our society, note: OUR, believes women should be stick figures with ribs showing. It's completely saddening! No offense to skinny women, but I just believe REAL women have hips, breasts, bum and a tummy. Real women are curvacous, and I believe they are absolutely beautiful.

    I just wish I can tell every fat girl out there.."you are beautiful, don't let anyone try to tear you down!"

    Source(s): My opinion - sorry it's shatty, I am just really tired
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    Leah Remini Zimbio

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    Because most women are weak minded and if someone says they look fat, then they stop eating or get way too skinny. Men don't give a **** what other people think

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