Can I be emancipated in the state of PA for my situation?

I am a 15 year old girl who lives with her grandmother and attends a public high school. My grandmother works the nights, so I am usually on my own during the night hours. I have the full capability to take care of myself. The reason I would like to be emancipated is, that I come home to my parents on the weekends and they still have full legal guardian ship of me. On the weekends I come home to an OxyContin addicted father and an in mentally stable mother and an emotionally abusive brother. I have depression and as of right now, I can not live here. My mental sanctity is being threatened by my parents and their actions. I have ran away multiple times to a close friend who is over the age of 18. My friend told me that if I get emancipated he will provide for me both financially and medically. I will either be attending the local public school or taking up cyber schooling. I am an honor student in honor classes. Also, I can no longer take the physical abuse from my mother and father. I was raped and abused by my last boyfriend which caused me to form severe depression. This abuse from home and the memories of abuse from my ex boyfriend have caused me to run away as a form or vacation from it all. Every time I ran away, I came back home perfectly alright. I do not have a criminal record of any type, nor do I have a bad record at school (no detention, ISS, or suspensions). When I try to explain my actions to my parents, I receive physical abuse. Last night, I tried to explain my actions to my parents and I received two, hard blows to the side of the head and one hard whack to the face. I can no longer deal with this abuse. I want an emancipation and I will even get a job to help support myself if possible. I will have financial and medical support. I will also have housing.

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  • Boots
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    8 years ago
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    Your reason for wanting emancipation has nothing to do with it.

    In order to be legally emancipated, you have to be able to financially support yourself with out any help at all. No living with friends/family. No living in government housing or collecting welfare/food stamps. You have to be able to pay for all your food, clothing, housing, medical care...all while continuing in school. At 15, you are legally too young to have a job and it's unlikely that any job you get at 16 would allow you to make enough to support yourself while going to school full time.

    On the upside, you're at your Grandmothers during the week and only have to see your family on the weekends.

    If your rape is an issue, then you need to contact your local rape crisis center and get counseling. Using that as a means to justify running away is unacceptable.

  • Jan
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    8 years ago

    Not even close. In order to be emancipated you have to prove you can support yourself entirely on your own. You need a full time job and earn at least $2000 a month before you would even be considered. Shacking up with someone else is not supporting yourself.

    If you are being abused you call child protection services.

    You do NOT have full capability to take care of yourself if you don't have an income.

  • Chuck
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    8 years ago

    Family Court, often called orphans court will want evidence of the bad situation you are in now such as police reports or hospital records. They are reluctant to grant an emancipation petition and you must show you are financially independent- meaning you having a job or resources- not someone else. Your great record at school might actually work against you- the coourt might see that as a result of the situation you are in presently. My advice- wait til you can get a job and have the same one for 6 months. continue with school and document each time you are in a situation that might shhow just how bad it is. Keep a log too of what is said and done to you. I feel for you in that situation but be thankful you have your grandparent with you

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    Emancipation of minors is ruled via state regulations and desperate via the courts, so which you need to examine with an lawyer approved in Pennsylvania to work out what the suitable standards are. regularly, the minor must be one with grownup adulthood and the shown potential to be fullyyt self-helping with housing, earnings, etc. What you describe does not rather sound like a case for emancipation. It does, although, sound like a undertaking in which you need to be in touch with your toddler protective centers! Your college could make the call for you. it must be suitable so which you would be able to head to a foster abode or group abode on your risk-free practices! So, make the call or ask your college counselor or imperative or a instructor to make the call -- the following day MORNING! as much as now as getting permission to marry, it rather is a few thing that may not be accessible due on your age, however the toddler protective centers would be responsive to approximately that. no count if that's accessible, a court docket provides permission decrease than specific situations while mum and dad/guardians refuse. although, it rather is fairly uncommon, so do no longer anticipate it! yet -- there is help to get you out of an risky/risky abode undertaking, and that i urge you to get it! ultimate of success!

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  • trai
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    8 years ago

    No. In Pennsylvania, an minor must be "aged 16 or over, who has left the parental household and has established himself as a separate entity free to act upon his own responsibility." That means your own home, without help from grandma or a friend.

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