Which is better BMW or Honda?

i'm looking to sell my car pretty soon and I was looking into either a BMW 325i or a Honda Accord. Either way they'll be used but which is better? Which has better gas milage? Does one run better than the other? If anybody owns either I'd appreciate the opinions.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I have driven many BMWs and Hondas and there is a bit of difference in both. Acura to BMW would have been better comparison.

    BMWs are better built, quieter and much smoother at highway speeds than Hondas.

    BMW is not as reliable as Hondas, parts are very expensive for BMWs.

    Insurance and taxes is much higher on BMWs than Hondas.

    BMWs require premium fuel and synthetic oil change and Hondas do not.

    BMWs have slightly better seats than Hondas (in my opinion).

    BMWs do not use CVTs as Honda does (with the Accord).

    BMWs are not as fuel efficient as Hondas.

    For a nice loaded BMW, you will have to put up 40K while with the Honda, a 30K loaded car will get you all the nice technology you need (i.e. Blind spot monitor, rearview camera, navigation, hands free setup etc.)

    BMWs are very nice cars and fun to drive, but they do hurt your wallet. If you are trying to save money, a EXL or touring version of Honda Accord would be similar to BMWs but it will be dull to drive. Another alternative could the the Honda Accord Sport 6 speed manual or any V6 coupe manual. In my opinion, you may want to look at Ford Fusion or the new Mazda6 for the best driving experience while saving money at the same time.

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  • mel23
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    7 years ago

    If someone told me I had to choose between a Honda and BMW I would not give it a second. BMW of course, hands down. I've driven a 2012 fully loaded accord and 2012 BMW. Honda felt so cheap and "fully loaded" was about the same in a 2002 BMW. Test drive both and you'll make up your mind very quickly. German cars are made for fun and speed while Asian cars are made for point a to b with reliability. That's all. For the record BMW insurance is only high on 2 doors or sport models. I have owned older ones- 01 civic and 02 BMW and civic was more due to less safety features.

  • 7 years ago

    Depends on what you like, I prefer a BMW 325I on all levels The bmw runs better but accord has better milage

  • ?
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    3 years ago

    BMW's are actually not geared up to excel in drag races. they're a motive force's automobile, which does each thing properly. eastern makers have geared up a acceptance on construction tech crammed reliable automobiles for a fairly critically low value then its eu opposite numbers. for my section, eastern automobiles have not got style. Their styling is conservative, and are focused for a particular demographics. BMW's are utilising machines. they're made for triple digit speeds, and are rock sturdy as quickly as they get there. To the guy who made a remark a pair of inventory civic doing circles around a 330...you mean in a automobile park at a similar time as there is not any motive force modern in the BMW good? You get what you pay for. it extremely is exciting that the eastern are infamous for somewhat exaggerating their horsepower tiers, the place because of the fact the Europeans use greater conservative numbers. 2 hundred horses in an import could equivalent out to 2 hundred horses in a eu automobile on paper, however the line experience is thoroughly distinctive. additionally bear in mind that your making an apples to oranges assessment. how are you able to probably evaluate an financial equipment automobile to an get entry to point luxury automobile? each and each individual has their own selection, and each and each u . s . makes great automobiles, yet at "velocity" BMW's are patently greater acceptable. The Germans have the autobahn which cater to automobiles that holiday in far greater than 120mph...have you ever been in a Honda at that velocity? motive force self belief is merely approximately non-existent because of the fact the entire chassis looks like it extremely is being exerted previous it extremely is engineered obstacles.

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  • 7 years ago

    The BMW is a better car when it comes to handling and feel but the better car for you will be the Honda. It will cost you less to maintain and get better fuel mileage.

  • Steve
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    7 years ago

    Honda will have better mileage. BMW more tuned for performance. Honda Reliability

    So Better is a loaded question. If you want driving performance wihtout reguard to cost then BMW is your car. IF you want regular car with reliability and no frills, Honda.

  • 7 years ago

    BMW is just a car brand people buy just for the name brand.

    Honda can get you a quality car. The top of the line vehicles can compare at a cheaper price.

  • 7 years ago

    Hard to compare BMW to a Honda. Honda is a appliance that successfully goes from a to b, while BMW offers fun in that process. makes sense to buy a bmw for who's tasting it and is willing to pay the premium.

  • 7 years ago

    Honda, Less expensive to maintain, parts,

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  • Hannah
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    7 years ago

    Honda ┄

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