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How to ask parents?!?!?

I'm the only child I have old traditional strict Mexican parents im 16 I haven't dated or even been to a party I have always followed my parents rules .but recently I have been talking to this guy that goes to my school but he is a year older than me he's a Junior in highschool. i told him about my parents and he said that he is willing to face my parents and tell them that he wants to date me but I'm scared to face my parents because I feel like I would be a disappointment to them please help I don't know. What to do I really like this guy a lot

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    It's your heart your parents don't control it.

    Face them, I would.

    They still don't let you date?

    Date anyway, live your life, coz yolo.

    They still won't let you party?

    Sneak out, I have a couple of times, never been caught yet.

    Don't let your over controling parents ruin your youth years.

    Your the youngest you'll ever be.

    Live in the moment, make mistakes.

    Mistakes make you wiser and stronger.

    Be young and wild :p

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Your mistake could mean the end of a good chance at life.

    Like a baby crying.

    willing to face your it's a challenge?

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  • Well it all depends how long u known him don't fall for a guy too quick! But if u are positive that u like him then let him talk to ur parents and see how they react!

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    you never know they might take it will and then again they might not but your not going to know until you ask and find out for myself I would just want to make shore your safe and happy and that is what most parents want for there kids i think

    Good luck

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