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Do I have an infection?!?

I recently had strabismus survey to fix the alignment of my eye. The alignment is PERFECT(or at least that's what I think). I'm so happy and it's really changed my life.

My tears are a little pink and mostly clear. However, I'm getting alarming appearances. For example, there's a little bumb/bulge/bubble at the corner of the operated eye. And it has been three days since surgery and the whites of the eye are bright blood red.

I went to see my surgeon yesterday and he said there's no signs of infections, but I'm so worried.

We have been using the ointment given to me 2-3 times a day like directed. I'm so worried!

There's no pain, just slight discomfort when looking around too far.

The extreme redness and bump is worrying me though. Please help! Do I have an infection?!

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    It sound like inflammation from the surgery this is very normal. The redness may last up to a week or two, but every day the eye is healing. You will find that as the days go by it will feel more comfortable.

    It's not a infection, as you have no mucus discharge, after surgery you may get more eye mucus which should be clear in colour, yellow or green eye mucus means an eye infection.

    Your fine, just check with your doctor if you are worried about anything. the eye may water a little bit because of the inflammation from the surgery, the tears may be a bit pink from any blood mixed in with them. if the tears continue to be pink, let the doctor know.

    After surgery during the recovery period you are bound to get some symptoms.

    Source(s): I've had 5 eye ops.
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    appears like a urinary tracht an infection. classic indications! drink a lot of water and characteristic a pitcher of cranberry juice each day, my urologist informed me i could in no way take bath baths back ,so i'm dedicated to easily have showers. wager what? i havent had any extra infections. a yeast an infection is amazingly uncomfortable as you've severe vaginal itching and a white discharge. you dont in many situations get this till you're sexually lively. in case your symptons dont sparkling up you opt for to re-visit the health practitioner. from time to time they positioned you on an anti-biotic it extremely is termed extensive spectrum till they get the outcomes lower back from the lab, then they'll understand precisely which drugs will artwork. wish this helps you till you be conscious your health practitioner.

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