Google nexus 10 vs Microsoft Surface?

I am a student in 7th grade and I need to choose a tablet for my b-day. Of course I love the touch cover and kickstand on the surface and google now and etc. on the Nexus 10 but my real problem is this. The Surface is an amazing productivity tablet especially with the keyboard and microsoft office which will be extremely helpful during class. On the other hand Nexus 10 has so much more apps and especially games that I dont know if I can give the game aspect of a tablet away. I know I could get the Surface pro and download games via internet but I am not quite willing to spend a thousand bucks. . I need some advice as a 7th grade student to whether I need a tablet for gaming or a tablet for productivity.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I am going through the exact same issue!! However I decided eventually to go with the Nexus 10. You have access to google books, movies, magazines, tv shows, music and millions of apps and games. The nexus 10 has the best screen available for a tablet, and has scratch resistant glass. Also, since it is a google device. (Partnered with samsung), you are guaranteed updates straight away from google's new software.

    Good Luck :)

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    8 years ago

    yeh its true that android does have more apps than windows 8

    but the thing is that most android apps are stretched versions of the phone apps which isn't enjoyable to use and they look bad

    windows 8 does have more than 40,000 apps in its app store which is a very good number especially that it didn't launch a long time ago

    there are also a lot of games in it

    get the Microsoft surface RT

    it really is an amazing tablet

    it has a 10.6" screen with very good and high resolution

    colors look clear and sharp on it

    the tablet build quality is amazing

    it feels perfect and its made from solid materials

    the os on the tablet which is windows 8 is also amazing

    its fast and fluid and also simple and easy to use

    its made with touch in mind

    the web browser is extremely good its fast and pages load up quickly

    and it supports flash which is a huge plus and which is something that is lacking on most android tablets and all ios tablets

    battery life is very good and would easily get you through more than 10 hours of heavy use

    you can download apps from the windows marketplace which has many high quality apps

    thousands of apps are being added everyday

    more than 2000 apps were added in less than 2 days

    it does have more than 40,000 apps now and like I said it will keep on increasing

    it has dual cameras and both of them take amazing photos and videos

    it has deep social network integration(skype,facebook,twitter,linkedin… and so on)

    you also get Microsoft office 2013 for free on it

    and if you get the keyboard and attach it to it you'll have a laptop

    overall the surface is an amazing tablet and you should get it

    hope i helped :)

    tell me if you decided to

    and if you got any question or need any help you can email me at

  • 8 years ago

    If you would like to use a tablet as a laptop for MS office than go with the surface. Although if you would like a tablet with an awesome screen and great MultiMedia consumption, get the nexus 10. Personally I would go for the nexus 10.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Nexus 10 spanks windows 8. That tablet is a power house monster

  • 8 years ago


    If I were you, I would go with the Nexus. On it you can get all your entertainment as well as productivity. On my Android tablet, I got all my games and music, as well as the Office Suite X word processor. It does Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents and it is compatible with Microsoft Word/PowerPoint/Excel. I hope this helped!

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