Is Juarez safe to go visit family members right now?

My grandmother is sick and my biggest fear is not seeing her before she dies. It's been about 6 years since I have seen her but do to the violent circumstances and Juarez being the deadliest city right now I don't know if it is safe to travel over there. My mother is also desperate to go. Any opinions or experiences.

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  • 8 years ago
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    My wife's cousin lives in Cuidad Juarez (colonia Las Haciendas) and occasionally calls or texts messages to her, including her husband who just happens to be a city police officer (policia municipal). We were there about 2 and a half years ago and it was safe during the daytime; just alot more Federal police on the highways in their blue pickups with roll-bars. Her nephew, north of Sacramento (Colusa) has a petition for residency and needs to go down there around April and wants us to be with him near the United States consulate, and I know it will be safe near there. I have left you a good internet search below about the situation in 2013 and you and your mother can decide to go. You should also know, when I was there with my wife in the big shopping centers (centro commercial) like Plaza Las Torres near Francisco Torres and calle Zaragosa or Plaza (mall) Las Misiones across from the consulate, we did not see any sign of narcotraficantes or sicarios but did see a heavy Federal and municipal police presence

  • 8 years ago

    Well it is a lot safer now then it was 2 to 3 years ago.

    Its always been safe for common people. If you are not in any drug gang (Cartel) or trafficking drugs then you'll be fine.

  • Philip
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    8 years ago

    Go. Yes, there's a lot of violence, but most of it is directed at those who buy, sell, or use marijuana or drugs. Don't walk the streets alone at night.

  • Ken
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    8 years ago

    Iraq is safer

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