how long do you have to smoke cigarettes before lung cancer develops?

ive been smokin cigarettes for about a year now due to stress. im 15. and i smoke at most five a day at keast 1.

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  • jpfeff
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    7 years ago

    The truth is, without some genetic testing you will not know. You could develop cancer tomorrow- or, you could live without cancer your entire life. Either way, you are playing Russian roulette; is your life worth it?

    In a cell, a gene that causes cancer is called an oncogene. These genes stop the cell from regulating its life cycle- and lead to immortal cells that just keep multiplying.

    Cancer develops in a healthy individual as a result of environmental triggers when a cell has what is called a "proto- oncogene." This means that though the cell is healthy to begin with, it has a propensity to develop cancer- when a gene is turned on or off. once this environmental trigger acts on the proto- oncogene, it turns into an oncogene and you end up with tumors.

    15 is awfully young to be smoking- and, the longer you smoke, the higher your risk of developing cancer. It would be advisable to work on quitting- though it won't be easy. Some states (like Wyoming) offer financial assistance for smokers wishing to quit- so you can buy nicotine patches or gums. A doctor will also be able to prescribe some medicines that might help. Good luck!

  • Darron
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    4 years ago

    Normal chainsmoking, like 4 ppd, it would take 10-20 years, depending, like people have said here, on the person's DNA. However, a person could become an "extreme smoker", smoking 10 ppd or more, and could develop heart problems in just a few years, or cancer in 7 or 8 years.

  • Carlos
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    7 years ago

    Smoking over stress at 15. Who are you kidding, you smoke because you see people doing it. You weren't born with a pack of Malboro's in your hand.

    I have seen smokers live well into their 90's and I've seen your average adult with a lung replacement. It all depends on genetics and how much you smoke among other things.

    But just because you don't have cancer doesn't mean your quality of life won't suffer. My friend who'm I've known for 13 years can't walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded and dizzy. Her teeth are so yellow you could butter a loaf of bread with them. She's 27.

    Bad health, nicotine cravings and a whole lotta phlem. Toss in a higher probability of cancer and we got ourselves a party. No wonder everyone does it.

    It's a choice you can either live with or without.

  • 7 years ago

    Not all smokers develop lung cancer, some develop other cancers, some don't get cancer at all but the less you smoke the lower the risk. Find a better way of dealing with your stress.

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  • 7 years ago

    it can happen at any time, but the most common is 20 years that is why they now recommend a chest xray for people who have been smoking that long even if they feel well. I knew someone who was only in his 20s when they died from cancer and emphysema. He had started smoking when he was 11

    you should quit, it gets harder the longer you keep smoking

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    As an RN who worked with cancer patients every day in Radiation Oncology, I can tell you I saw people in their 30's die from lung cancer. Sometimes it had spread to their brain.

    I also saw people die from lung cancer who had quit 20 or 30 years prior and they still got lung cancer related to smoking. (my mother-in-law was one of those).

    And as someone else mentioned, smoking is also a killer from cardiovascular disease. It is TERRIBLE for our blood vessels and heart.

    The longer you smoke, the more addicted you are going to get. Quit now and never pick them back up. You may have already knocked a year or so off of your life by smoking. The average smoker knocks 10 years off of his/her life.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    u have to smoke way longer than a year but if u know it causes cancer why dont u stop now while youre still healthy

  • 7 years ago

    10 years at most but it could be shorter because you are under age and of how many you smoke

    Source(s): Breaking Bad
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