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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 8 years ago

Are Portuguese and Spanish similar languages?

Also if you know what other languages are very similar to Spanish? Thanks

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    Yes, they are similar since they belong to the Iberian Romance language branch. Both languages were developed from the Vulgar Latin language (the root of each Romance language), then got influenced by the Arabic language (from 711 A.C. - 1492 A.C.), which is something unique, since the Iberian Romance languages are the only ones being influenced by the Arabic language.

    During the arrival of the Romans in 219 B.C., there were 4 ancient tribes living in the Iberian Peninsula: the Iberians, Celtiberians, Basques and the Lusitanians. All of them had their own language, but when the Romans came they accepted the Vulgar Latin language because of its prestige. Their own language got displaced and disappeared after a time. But since each of those people had different ways to pronounce the words of the new language (influence of their native language), different dialects were created. The Lusitanians were the ancient people of the western Iberian Peninsula and the ancestors of the Portuguese.

    That's why their languages sound different, to understand it you have to go back in time. Nevertheless, the emergence of these languages was a long process.

    But grammatically, they are the most similar to each other because of the influences.

    Iberian Romance languages are: Spanish, Gallego (Galician), Portuguese, Aragonese (around 12000 speakers), Asturian (spoken in the Principality of Asturias/ Spain). - Portuguese and Galician are very similar to each other. It's like a mix between Spanish and Portuguese, but it's a proper language with coofficial status in the Autonomous Community of Galicia (Spain).

    Catalan is a Gallo-Iberian language and considered a "bridge-language", because it forms a bridge between the Iberian Romance languages (like Spanish) and the Gallo-Romance languages (like French). That's why it has grammatical structures from both languages.

    Here is a map with the Iberian Romance languages:

    Source(s): Romance philology student
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    8 years ago

    Portuguese and Spanish are closely related. They both descend from Latin and have numerous characteristics that distinguish them (along with Galician and a few others) as an Iberian sub-group. However, they are not mutually intelligible - and while Portuguese speakers apparently have greater ease at deciphering the speech of Spanish speakers, even this is would be considered an approximation. On the other hand, the orthography of the two is often close enough that even a second-language speaker of Spanish, like myself, can understand written Portuguese.

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    8 years ago


    Latin. All the Latin-root languages are similar. French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, sub-national languages include: Catalán (a dialect of Spanish and Southern French) Occitain, Savoyenne, Galician.

  • 8 years ago

    The most similar language to Spanish in my opinion is GALICIAN or GALLEGO , the language they speak in Galicia, Spain.

    The second most similar is Portuguese,

    Then , in my view comes Italian and finally French.

    I don't know any other Romance language, including Romanian.

    Source(s): native Spanish speaker
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yes, they are very similar. All romance languages are some what similar to each other, but the most similar to spanish are portuguse, galician, catalán ( includes valenciano and mallorquín), and italian.

    Source(s): Spanish and valenciano speaker
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