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Can you answer these questions about Nepal 10 points?



3.tourist attractions

4.Supplies needed for a trip to Nepal

5.Etiquite on going (culture again)



If you could please tell me at least three things of each more would be helpful!

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    Try Lonely Planet Guide (the travelers Bible) for Nepal.

    It's online, or available in libraries and bookshops. here you will find all the basic info that you have asked for, including a few handy phrases.

    (You should always learn to say at least yes, no, please,thank you, check please, hotel, airport, police, doctor, help me, taxi and bus in any foreign country you are visiting - though plenty of people have a little English)

    It's been a few years since I was there. But I would recommend your own first aid kit that includes mild anti biotics and stuff for upset tummy. Also, you should take a roll or two of toilet paper, and females should take some tampons (standard advice for anyone going to more remote areas)

    There are many Hindu in Nepal. Especially the Gurkha people from the mountains. They are very very good people - usually quite friendly.

    You should also be aware of activities by rebels, especially if 'Shining Path' are active - they are very dangerous.

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    imm, accualy there's no want for nepal human beings to adhere on Buddhism , for the only reason that Buddha born there ,. even Bethlehem is the start place of Christianity - yet now using a pair political and social reasons ,. the ordinary public replaced to Muslims on condition that Christians have migrated to different international locations leaving their holy city at the back of.

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    4.Dry food, for trekking, gears for trekking which is avaliabel in mountaineering shop,some medicines for colds, fevers, and first aid kits.

    6. Cold upper in northern part, medium in the mid part and very warm in the Southern part.Best month to visit is September & October.

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    no.3) mountains,river,hills,temples,villages......etc...and mountain again..

    your ans for (6 and 7) Kanchan Kalan in Jhapa district is the lowest point at 70m above sea level and

    the summit of Mt.Everest at 8,848 m is the highest.

    Source(s): ears and eyes \m/
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