I'm trying to remember an old movie about a family that is trying to escape some monsters.?

I don't remember much, but the vague scenes I do remember is of a family trying to escape a deserted town while trying to survive from some creatures (or monsters, or aliens lol). This one scene has a lot of cars with all the batteries stolen, maybe the creatures need it. Someone from the family is trying desperately starting a car but none worked. The year I saw the movie was 1995-2000, so the movie could have been as old as 1900 til 1995. HELP PLEASE!!!

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    Disappearance (TV 2002)? It stars Harry Hamlin and Susan Dey


    A family driving through the U.S. state of New Mexico discover an old ghost town, Weaver, and stop to take snapshots. Henley, his wife Patty, his son Matt, along with Matt's friend Ethan and sister Kate make their way to the ghost town, discovering mysterious symbols and a human-sized dry skin on a wall, also discovering a video tape, which reveals previous visitors were taken by an unseen force, ending with a girl running from the unseen threat. The car, an SUV, is disabled and the family is forced to spend the night in one of the abandoned buildings...

    Here's a clip from the movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5v7cQhViqY

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    Could be one of the "Critters" movies.

    They made four, I think. Last one was in the early '90's

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