How is my friend getting perfect on every math test?

My friend is like a prodigy in math (in other subject he isn't perfect like this). Over 2 years of knowing him, he has never gone under 98% on any math test. I asked him how is he doing that? This is what he does:

-Sophomore (Geometry) and Junior (Algebra 2): Behind Honorary Juniors by 1 year

-rarely study (He said he only studied 20min for the Math Finals and he got 100%...I got 95%)

-does HW

-plays a lot of video games

-from Vietnam educations (they're like 1-2 years ahead)

-has less than 5 math test under 100% for 2 years

-Average Math Test Score: 99.9%



Now me, I am a honorary student with average test score of 95% on every subject. My best subject is on math but with average of 98% math test score.

-Freshman (Geometry) and Sophomore (Precalc): I am ahead of him by 2 years. Ahead of Honorary Sophomores by 1 year

-Study on every test

-Does HW

-Play 1-2hr video game a day (depends on HW)

-Unweighted GPA: 4.0

-Honor Classes

-Not a photographic learner


So is there a trick to this? Photographic memory? etc?

My guess:

-photographic memory

-Already did the math in vietnam

Please help. I really want to know how he does it. I'm going to ask him after I get answer here XD.


@ Victor sorry but that wasn't very useful. Yes I would know some people are just naturally geniuses. But there are always explanations.

Genius in Math can refer to photographic memory or just lucky (in probability)

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  • 8 years ago
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    To me high school math was easy. Some people are just math geniuses and it comes to them naturally. Being good at math got me were I am today.

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  • 8 years ago

    Is he mentally retarded in some way so he just excels in this area? If not, then you just have to accept the fact that he is just a natural or he cheats.

    Also, the amount of work you do is not always equal to your intelligence.

    I've never studied in my life and play video games or just jam on my guitar everyday and still have never gotten below a 96% on any test I have ever taken, aside from ones that can't be measure.

  • 8 years ago

    I found Algebra 1 and geometry very easy, Algebra 2 was fair, but my advanced Algebra class is no joke.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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