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Is bleaching the same as dying blonde?

I see a lot of people saying that dying does not cause damage but bleaching is horrible for your hair.

Is dying blonde what you call bleaching?

If not, what is bleaching? Obviously no sane person would pour a gallon of bleach over their head right? =O

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    dying your hair is less damaging than stripping all the hair colour out of your hair, yes. Dying is just like dying a put the colour on it and it absorbs into can't do that when going lighter.

    you CAN"T become blonde, if you are not, or even become lighter, without a degree of bleaching as You need the stronger peroxide to take the colour from your hair.

    bleaching is stripping the colour, dying is adding. with going lighter it is ALWAYS stripping, however different peroxides are stronger, thank other and with that also leaves different result.

    if you wanna go light, you are always stripping your hair, it is just the degree you strip the colour that varies.

    i have used many blondes, as a former hairstylist, both cream blondes used from a tube and mixed with peroxide or the powder, mixed with peroxide.

    powder gives that cleainer more white blonde, the cream give the more yellow blonde, I always preferred powder form for full head foils or going completely blonde ( on myself, - however what suits and should be used on each person varies),, but yes, its more harsh on your hair.

    the different strength of peroxide affect/control the stripping process/degree your hair is stripped. the stronger, obviously the harsher..but more effective if completely blonde is desired, rather than going down a few shades, or just having highlights.

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  • 7 years ago

    Not exactly.

    When you dye it you are adding another color on to your hair ( does not to that much damage, but the results maybe be less noticeable)

    When you are bleaching it removes color from hair. ( this does a lot of damage, but gets the job done)

    It's like coloring when you put one color on top of another( dying) It turns to a new color, put if you erase it ( bleach) it will remove the color leaving you to see the white paper

    Bleaching it is removing color from hair. You need to leave it on for 2 hours or your hair will come out orange

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  • No, bleaching your hair does turn it blonde but it uses peroxide and other products to make it lighter. Dying it blonde may or may not turn it blonde, it depends on how dark your hair is. But the normal dye doesn't have any peroxide.

    Source(s): Bleached my hair ALOT.
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  • 7 years ago

    Well Maggie you see if you have brown, black, dark brown, any dark type of hair you have to bleach it in order to get blonde. Bleaching is striping all the colour off of your hair and that doesn't sound good, does it? If you just dye your hair it doesn't strip the colour it just covers it. I hope this helps!:)

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  • 7 years ago

    Bleach is a chemical that removes color or whitens.

    Their is hair bleach (NOT blonde hair dye) that basically does what normal bleach does but it's for your hair

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