What happened to my salmon patties?

I wanted to have salmon patties for supper. I use a lot of oil to make an almost deep fried version, so I stopped by the grocery store and grabbed some oil. I got the store brand vegetable oil because they had a big display of it that I could grab quickly. When I got home I mixed up the canned salmon with eggs, seasoned bread crumbs, a little milk to make the right consistency, and seasonings. I usually use flour, but since there was not enough bread crumbs left to save for another recipe, I just dumped in all the bread crumbs and omitted the flour.

In the meantime I cooked some frozen breaded shrimp I had in the freezer in the oil. They turned out right.

When I dropped the first four salmon patties in the oil, the oil foamed up really bad, kind of looked like dish soap suds, and the patties just disintegrated - did not hold their shape whatsoever. I grabbed a slotted spoon and retrieved all that mess from the oil. I stirred it back into the remaining salmon patty mixture that had not been used yet and added two more eggs.

This time the patties held together for the most part, but the oil still foamed, and the patties turned too dark too quick.

In the end we had blackened salmon patties that were about a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10 and a total embarrassment to me.

The oil that was left in the pan was pretty much clear with black crumbs in the bottom. I don't think the oil was overheated.

I have been cooking salmon patties for 25 years. Sometimes they are better than other times, but these were by far the WORST salmon patties I have ever turned out.

Can someone please tell me what went wrong so I won't have this catastrophe happen again?!?!


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    7 years ago
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    I think it was because omitted the flour, and that you didn't let them rested for 30 minutes after you had formed them.

    I think you are in the best place to answer this yourself as you have been making them for years.

    I would very much doubt it was the oil though. Even most Store-brand oils say what type of oil they are, Vegetable oil and Canola oil are the two most likely ones.


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  • 7 years ago

    Never Fail Salmon Patties

    2 small tins of pink salmon with the juice or 1 lg can pink salmon with the juice

    You can remove the bones and the black skin as I do, but not necessary, if you like them, but mash them up.

    3 eggs

    3/4 cup bread crumbs****NO flour in this recipe

    1/4 tsp black pepper

    3/4 tsp granulated onion powder(opt)

    Mix in a bowl and form into patties.

    fry in a teflon fry pan using 1 tbsp oil to coat the bottom of pan.

    Brown on a medium temperature burner on stove top, then turn over and brown patties on the other side.

    They are very soft at first but firm up as they cook, about 10 minutes. They can be removed to a plate until all are browned then place all back into fry pan turn off burner and cover to keep warm until served.

    They are delicious served with sides of mashed potatoes, corn nibletts, or nibletts and frozen green peas mixed and a chefs salad. Kind of a simple meal, which is always enjoyed. It is a ritual meal when I make salmon patties and can't forget the ketchup.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The best thing to use when making salmon patties is mashed potatoes,it holds together much better than just breadcrumbs.And never deep fry homemade patties as they will break up everytime.I lightly oil a baking pan,spray them with cooking spray & bake them in the oven or cook them in a fry pan/griddle.You can add grated vegetables such as carrot & zucchini as well.

    Edit: Don't add milk or any liquid! I don't even add eggs.

    Source(s): Paddy's kitchen
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  • 7 years ago

    I never use milk in my salmon patties.

    Just onion ,eggs, and I grind up butter soda crackers for mine instead of bread crumbs.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    That does sound like it over heated. Look at the pans you are using. Some pans have very thin bottoms which makes things heat unevenly or over heat them. For frying like that you want to keep your oil at 350 degrees. Anything under won't fry right and anything over will burn the foods.

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  • 7 years ago

    do you always add milk? i don't. and i've never tried to deep fry salmon patties. that's all i can imagine that went wrong. everything else seems fine.

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  • 7 years ago

    Sounds like the mixture was too wet.

    I never use milk.

    Also sounds like the oil was too hot.

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