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How can I make my wife feel better ?

My wife is mad because one of her favorite show Charlie's Angels was on tv today and she's sad because she missed it again. This is the second time it's been on tv and we've missed it. The first time it was on a channel we didn't get this time it was on one we did get but she didn't know about it till just now when she saw it on Facebook. They don't have all the episodes on YouTube she's tried to watch it on there but they either don't have the full episode or they don't have all of them. Her idol is in it and she's been dying to watch it. She's never actually seen it but since Kate Jackson is in it she knows she'll love it cause shes her idol and she's thinking she'll never get to watch it. She's also heard its really good too. She's worried she'll never get to see it. And shes also pregnant and lots of weird things upset her and worry her right now. How can I make her feel better ?

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    Try to find the show, search online and do what ever to try to get it or catch the new show time. Also try flowers, balloons, candy, card or just rubbing her feet or back. Cater to her and let her know you are going to fix it.

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    It sounds like you and your wife need to seriously consider getting a DVR (digital video recorder). She would be able to set up things in advance and not worry if she would be home or not. Since I got mine through Directv it has been a God send and I will never go back to wondering if I would be able to catch my favorite shows. You can usually get dvr's free if your new to a company, also some companies offer on demand service which would let her start watching previous shows if available. Just a suggestion. :)

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    Check and if it's not on there all you have to do is Google free full tv episodes and a lot of websites will come up and you can look through them to find it. It's really easy but try hulu first. Hope this helps :)

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    What does being pregnant have to do with anything? I've been pregnant 5 times, it doesn't change who you are. That is a cop out. Sounds like she needs a nap.

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    Try this website. I hope it helps you out, otherwise maybe you guys can invest in something like tivo? Where you can just record the shows you like so you never miss them?

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    It might be on Netflix if you have that?

    If not there's probably a boxset out/coming out soon?

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    download it on torrent

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    Buy it on DVD for her.

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