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dog raises hair on back when meeting dogs?

i have a husky that i had before, i just got her back. i had to rehome her but now shes back with me ( its a long story) well i had another dog when i had her the first time and she did great with her. well i have 2 different dogs now and she met the male last nigth and when he sniffs her she raises the hair on her shoulders. also if he gets in her face she gives a low growl but nothing serious. they did fine last night as long as he didnt get overly excited and jump on her but i noticed when he walked past me the husky would lay in front of me and they were kind of fighting over who was going to lay on my leg. what does this mean? is she just nervous or is she dog aggressive? she didnt attack him

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    The hair raising isn't good. It means she's REALLY tense. Considering the other dog didn't go nuts around her might mean that dog is abnormally balanced or she's not aggressive.

    Don't let the dogs lay on your leg unless you invite it. And don't let them compete over that, thats a dominance issue it'll cause future problems. You need to be the most dominant one so that they don't have this competition.

    The tension is really bad it means one day it could turn into aggression. Don't let the dogs walk away as enemies because they'll remember that. So you need to work on socializing her and making sure she's not tense around dogs.

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    She`s obviously trying to make herself look big and impressive by raising her hackles and growling in the hope the male dog will take the hint and back off.

    This is often a display by a dog that is not quite sure just how to handle the situation at that time.

    Once she gets more used to your male dog and hopefully get on ok with him, she will relax more and not get so bothered about him.

    But do be aware that if both have fairly dominant natures, fights can erupt even though they are of the opposite gender.

    A really confident and dominant dog has no need to raise its hackles as the stance and eye contact will convey it is of the higher status. Jmo.

    Source(s): Gsd owner for 48 years.
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    They are trying to establish dominance and looks like they both want to be top dog. Just make sure you don't leave them alone together because it could turn into a fight. The male dog is definitely trying to tell her that he's the boss. As far as her growling at him if he gets too close or fighting over who gets to lay on you, well they are trying to possess you. Which is a form of them dominating you so absolutely do not allow that.

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    Uh, this sounds like a mess.

    First you have a dog, then you rehome it, and while it's being rehomed you get NEW dogs although you weren't able to keep or care for your first one... <sigh>

    She doesn't sound aggressive at all, she has her guard up. She doesn't know these strange dogs, she's being bounced from home to home, and she's in a hell of a stressful situation. Dogs like stability, she's never known it. I'd be nervous too!

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    I think she's trying to protect you as you didn't show her who's the dominate one. My doberman used to do this in the backyard when people outside or neighbour makes noise, she would growl, barks and hair standing on her back. But once I take over with the dominance role(showing her who's the boss), she hardly do this anymore.

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    My canine do the comparable element, it must be as a results of fact they are frightened or it could additionally be a sigh of aggression. My canine have on no account exchange into aggressive with yet another canine on the park so i think of it is greater of a frightened element.

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