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Filing 2011 tax returns for a minor?

I'm 17 years old right now and i had to file this year even though i was claimed as a dependent on my mothers tax return cause i made more than the single deduction ($5950). For last year though i was told i didn't have to file cause i only made $1200 for that year. I recently found out i could get all the tax witheld back if i had filed my taxes (which i didn't) but i could do so this year. Only 69 bucks were witheld but every dollar counts now that i'm trying to save for my car. What would be the appropriate forms i'd have to fill out? Could i do it online for free ? If my taxes were already filed will this delay my refund? Thanks in advance!


FYI i was claimed as a dependant in 2011.

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  • 7 years ago
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    You would need to file a 2011 tax return. It would have no impact on your current return.

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  • kudrna
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    4 years ago

    Taxes will also be paid by using persons of any age. There are three taxes that contain you and your pay: 1. Social protection and Medicare tax 2. Federal revenue tax three. Missouri tax except you are a home worker, like a babysitter, you're going to have the first tax taken out of your pay through your organization. You're going to now not get a reimbursement of this tax. The whole of the primary tax is 7.Sixty five% of your pay. If you are going to be earning less than $5,350 in 2007 ( i'm assuming this is the case), you'll no longer owe the second tax. Nonetheless, employers could withhold this tax out of your pay. This depends upon how you fill out your W-4 if you end up hired. If you will be earning very little, you could put "EXEMPT" and there will probably be no withholding. Otherwise, a small amount will probably be withheld regardless of what you place in your W-4. Which you can get all of this again with the aid of submitting a tax return in 2008. For those who earn under $5,350, Missouri won't tax you either. If any state tax is withheld out of your pay, you can get that refunded to you whilst you file your state tax return in 2008.

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  • Judy
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    You can still file for 2011. You'll get all the tax back that was withheld for federal income tax, not any that was for social security or medicare. But if federal was $69, sure do it. You'd need to track down your W-2, and fill out a 2011 form 1040EZ using the 2011 instructions

    You won't be able to file 2011 online, fill out the form and mail it in. It won't delay your 2012 refund,

    Be sure to check on line 5 that you can be claimed as a dependent.

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  • tro
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    if you are old enough to work and get a W-2 you are old enough to file your own tax return

    your income is NOT reported on the tax return of your parent

    and yes if you made income less than your standard deduction, and income tax was withheld you want to file a tax return to get that refunded, each and every year that you are still a dependent

    and yes you can file a 2011 tax return still, but it will be manual, there is no efile for previous years

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  • You'll have to file a 2011 return by mail. You can get the forms and instructions here:

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