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middle school dance themes? please help ill answer yours?

my middle school is having a dance and i need themes ideas for it! 20 points please help! keep in mind i live in texas and i need 5 ideas

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  • SweetP
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    7 years ago
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    Dear Me how about having contests for dress dancing etc... like the old west costumes square dancing,or line dancing, the 60's with poodle skirts leather jackets bobby socks penny loafers have a sock hop play Elvis, or a hippie party with tye dyed blue jeans flower children physicadelic lighting and 70's music, Disco with mini shirts playform shoes guys in plaid pants & shiny shirts with a disco ball and 80's music, you could Karaoke contest, have some one from the school paper take pictures of the party, any one of these would be fun you could ask you parents or grandparents if they have any pictures or music or clothes from back in the day, hope you all have a great time which ever you choose!

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  • porada
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    4 years ago

    Decades (50's, 60,s 70's 80's), Western, Mardi Gras, Hawaiian, Black and White, Neon, Black mild, Jungle, wintry weather, beneath the sea, Halloween(Monsters), university colours or have every type wear a specified colour and beautify with these colors. Our children revel in having a special photograph decide or picture sales space discipline with props, THey like to do limbo, musical chairs, dance off!

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  • 7 years ago

    You should do like a "Big Texas" theme where whoever has the biggest dress or the biggest hair wins and the guy who's date wins, wins as well.

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