Do you think Julian Assange is authentic?

Do you agree that Julian Assange and his wikileaks authentic?

If he is authentic then Why he don't published any significant leaks against United Kingdom,Australia,China?

If he published against them please mention?

Does wikileaks get paid from UK like other countries to publish leaks against certain countries and certain issues?

If Julian Assange is really authentic rebellion then Why he not published the complete illegal(as per the laws of India) Swiss Bank account details of Indian politicians?

If he is afraid and controlled from Indians politicians to not to publish them.Then what about the authenticity of other leaks?

Is wikileaks trying to publish truth as means to target its enemies and not publishing against other major issues?

Is a Wikileaks is a cunning drama?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Assange is a hero in our own time.

    His company is a web site dedicated to whistleblowers around the world. Their site is best known for publishing the US State Department Cables in 2010. They do not target a specific country or group. Wikileaks web site simply published material sent to them, the same way that The Guardian, the New York Times and other publications did. Everything they publish is not altered or edited.

    The 250,000+ documents in "Cablegate" are just a dump of office memorandums from the State Department....many of them making the US look good, and many of the making the US look bad....but most them are just harmless memos. What it did, was open a window into the soul of the US Government.

  • 8 years ago

    First of all don't think you can train your rifle (aimed at whatever your enemy is), set on his shoulder for support. This attitude is very typical of Indians down the ages till ancient times. They don't fight their battles but are always on the look-out for some servant or fixer to do their dirty job. And you know what the country is worth now. Do the thing yourself.

    There is a joke about India (South Asian countries in general, for that matter). It seems Crabs were being exported from there; but surprisingly in open buckets. Someone commented 'Won't they escape from an open bucket?'. The reply proffered was 'No they don't. They are Indian Crabs. If one goes up the others pull him down'. Indians are adept in pulling down any one doing good work. That way everything gets reduced to the average & any talent gets stripped off. They don't have any mental tools to assess or admire the worth or greatness in the other guy and (much less) use it for some worthwhile purpose. That is why talented Indians leave the country and they excel at whatever they do marvellously well, even driving a taxi.

    Assange is not in anybody's employment (Indians think they can buy anybody). But then, what if? isn't he doing work that all of us want? One with b a l l s enough, should give the leaks to him & he will publish. There are 193 countries now. Don't expect him to publish every countries 'leaks'. Then nobody would read them. Even a dozen countries would suffice. For Assange India is one of the 193! Whatever has been published till date hasn't been used for the purpose for which it has been exposed. In particular historians should take note of it & rewrite history. Attitude of people towards their own & other countries should change. In the secrecy of bureaucratic corridors much evil is being practiced as there is no accountability & those wielding power with impunity (though very few) became extremely arrogant. I wish their pants to be pulled off and their deeds exposed so that they are subjected to the due processes of law with none escaping.

    It is because of sheer lack of morality in India that the legislatures are indulging in making money while the country is run by the Supreme Court & other courts (merely to tell the wrong-doer that what he did is wrong). The rape that was perpetrated on December 16, happened because of the age-old mindset that nobody would catch them as the "Culture" permitted that for ages. There is not even a sense of guilt if you hear to the Delhi police chief's statements.

    What Julian Assange did is unique & unprecedented (for the first time in global history). It is a new activity that he started for the good of everyone. The stuff he compiled should be preserved on the 'Net as a repository. It isn't impossible, when so many people indulge in a negative daily task like generating computer viruses (or is it to be called 'virii'). Give work to the idle brains.

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