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  • 7 years ago
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    瑾瑄您好, 也讓Panda try try 吧; 如下: Greyson, 你有聽過這首歌嗎?Hello Greyson, Have you ever heard of this song?

    詞曲都很好聽呢!!It has really nice lyrics!

    *直翻不妥, 因為只有歌曲好聽, 歌詞怎麼會好聽呢? 我用 “nice lyrics” 來表示歌詞寫得很好 這幾天心情很不好的我,一直沉淪在你的歌聲當中。I have been in a terrible mood for the past several days, and have been indulging myself in your singing.

    *terrible mood = 心情很差 *indulging = 沉淪 感謝你的歌聲讓我心情再度好起來^^,真的好喜歡你的聲音!!Thank you so much for cheering me up with your singing; I am totally enchanted by your voice! *totally enchanted = 完全被迷住 阿!剛剛我有去聽你喜歡的樂團"Augustana"的音樂,他們真的很不錯呢!Oh, by the way, I just got back from the concert of your favorite band, Augustana, and I must say they are really something! *by the way = 對了 *really something = 真的很棒 希望我推薦的歌曲你會喜歡~!I surely hope you will like the song I am recommending. *recommending = 推薦 最後我想說,我已經成為你的粉絲了,今後請多多指教!Greyson你好讚!!!Lastly, I just want to tell you that I have become a fan of yours, so nice to meet you Greyson; you are totally awesome!!! *awesome = 棒呆了 希望有幫助!

    Source(s): Panda靈活翻譯社
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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Hi Greyson, Have you heard of this song? The lyrics of this song is great. I was obsessed with your song. Thank you for your song that inspired me, and it made me feel better. I love your voice. Oh, by the way, I went to Ausgustana, one you like, concert a moment ago.

    They were great. I hope you like

    the songs I recommend you.At last, I want to say that I am

    a fan of yours. It is my honor to see you. You are the man.

    Source(s): 正在教大學生的我
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