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We're all in this together敘述什麼

能讓我知道We're all in this together這首個在敘述什麼嗎?(40字以上60字以內)


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    We're all in this together


    The lyrics of the song are described that when we are in here together the dream will come true, which is what all about. We know who we are during the life. Whether which avenue we are walking on we are now in here. Once we stand hand in hand we will make dreams come true.

    這歌詞的大意主要在描述當我們同在一起夢想就會成真, 這就是我們的所有.

    我們在人生的道路上認識自己. 無論我們正走在哪條大道上我們現在就在這裡.

    一旦我們站在這裡手牽著手, 夢想將會實現.

    英文字剛好六十字 不知這樣可以嗎?

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    通常用在面臨困難境時 要彼此體諒 共渡難關

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